Saturday, August 18, 2018


     Jon Del Arroz, crony of Vox Day and notorious internet gadfly, organized a rally at WorldCon 76 to protest getting banned from that organization in January. Del Arroz has been howling for the last several months that 'SJW's at WorldCon banned him for his politics, and not because he openly defied them to do it. 

     So, Saturday in San Jose, the Red Pills are scheduled to hold the Predators Out Now Patriots Rally Against Pedophiles in Sci-Fi demonstration. Yesterday, however, the Bay Area legions of Antifa announced that they would be holding a counter-protest. Manly Alpha Leader Del Arroz suddenly decided for 'health reasons' to make a beeline out of town:

     "Unfortunately due to family health reasons, I'll be unable to attend any further WorldCon-related events this weekend. I have to leave the area because of heavy smoke and poor air quality. Health takes a priority."  he noted at his blog. 


    "The protest against pedophilia is still on," he continues, "And there's expected to be a sizable turnout. They have my full support..."

     Sure, Jon. Anyway, Del Arroz has assured us that the protest will be in the capable hands of one 'Erin Sith'---a trans-man who hangs around the Red Pill Movement and is known for rather unladylike behaviors like getting into fistfights with Antifa. He will be joined by the latent-homosexual gang, The Proud Boys. All of this motley group is ostensibly fighting for traditional values in American literature. 

     This isn't the first time that Del Arroz has hidden behind Mr. Sith's skirts. He recently noted on his blog that:

      "Erin has also very kindly offered to escort me to Bay Area Science Fiction conventions in the future for my safety's sake. Thanks, Erin!"

      What a pathetic excuse for a man. If you're planning to attend today's protest, that is the level of leadership you can expect. 

       It's doubtful anyway that Del Arroz' protests and tantrums will amount to anything anyway. He and Vox Day were totally wiped out in the first round of the Dragon Awards nominations recently. As those awards are reader-nominated, it's hard for either of those two to pretend that they're somehow being blacklisted by the industry.

      The Red Pills are fakes through and through. They don't represent any 'alternative' to anything. 




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