Monday, August 20, 2018


    With Vox Day's media 'empire' in a state of free-fall, the gang at Castalia House and Arkhaven are resorting to all sorts of desperate publicity stunts to draw attention to themselves---since most of their work seems to be beneath anybody's notice. Marvel and DC Comics, for example, have about 70% of US market-share in comics and graphic novels; yet Vox seriously believes that they feel threatened by his miniscule output. Just the other day, he actually claimed that a panel from DC's Border Town comic somehow referred to himself; even though the character in question was a high-school student.

    He's seen other such 'attacks' in various places, too. Consistent with such paranoia, he and his henchmen have also been attacking imaginary enemies. The WorldCon76  meeting in San Jose yesterday was the site of a protest (of sorts) organized by Jon Del Arroz, one of Vox' pawns. As it happened, threats of Antifa counter-protests sent a yellow streak up Mr. Del Arroz' spine; and he did his best imitation of The Flash breaking speed records blowing out of town.

     The protest was therefore left to one Erin Sith: a Red Pill man turned via surgery into a Red Pill girl. The protest was a total flop, with a little over three dozen people attending

       An associate who attended WorldCon came up with an interesting theory. He noted that there was an uncanny resemblance between Erin Sith and Alt-Hero's poster-girl, Rebel. Both are tallish redheads; both have a habit of beating up men:

     Both carry the same kinds of rifles:

       There even appears to be a facial likeness---at least both have the same expression:

     Finally, I always thought that Rebel was a little buff in the neck, shoulders, and upper arms:

      Could it really be that Arkhaven's lead female character is modeled on a tranny? It wouldn't be surprising given the kinds of weirdness going on in today's Manosphere. 


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