Sunday, February 25, 2018


     Among the Red Pill/Alt-RINO crowd, Michael King is actually considered a great journalist. Mostly because he proclaims at his website, Tomato Bubble (OK, we'll let the readers psychoanalyze that title for themselves) that he is countering the disinformation put out by The New York Times. 

     Granted, 'the Grey Lady' puts out lots of fake news. So what has King decided to attack? An article covering Ivanka Trump's visit to the Winter Olympics as Goodwill Ambassador. 

      The Red Pills have really outdone themselves this time. Actually making the New York Times sound credible on a Trump-related story is a monumental non-achievement. Here's a specimen of what King actually thinks is stellar reporting:

      "Thankfully, if the 'inside baseball' coming out of the White House is to believed, this bratty little New York libtard and her goofy Jew husband have had their roles diminished to symbolism only."

       "When your last name is Trump, you get plugged into Big Jewry through your husband...Spoiled Jewish princesses (even converted ones) never quit until they get their way. "

      And what's worse, this is supposedly a Conservative critique, according to King.

       All of this proves once again that the Alt-Right is not our friend. We Conservatives need to go back to William F. Buckley's policy of publicly disavowing these kinds of kooks. King's whole 'rebuttal' of the NYT article is more vile and vulgar than what the Whacko Left Wing usually says about Ivanka. 

       Just listen to this: "Baby girl Ivanka Trump arrived in Seoul for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics. President Trump, noting her arrival, loving tweeted out about his dipsy baby girl, 'We cannot have a better, or smarter, person representing our country." Then King goes on to compare Trump's message to a father praising his kindergarten-age children's drawings. 

        In the world of reality, however, the President was correct in sending Ivanka to Seoul. What King and his bitter woman-hating confederates fail to understand is that Ivanka is very popular in Asia. Even the Chinese government's official news outlet has Ivanka ranked as one of the top foreign figures most admired in China. Ivanka also has fans in both Koreas, Japan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. 

         But King is no stranger to saying stupid things like these. He believes not only that the Holocaust was a hoax; but also that there was no such organization as ISIS. The video footage of ISIS atrocities, he claims, were staged by 'crisis actors'---sort of like Sandy Hook and Parkland on a more massive scale. 

           King sometimes pontificates on history and, among his other revisionism, argues that France actually started WW2, and that the US Civil War was instigated by Jewish bankers---whose schemes fortunately were foiled by Russian intervention. We don't remember anything about Russians in the Civil War; but that only shows how deep the conspiracy goes. He said the same about Charlottesville, claiming that James Fields---recently indicted for murder committed during the rally---was hired by the Jews to commit the crime. 

          "Adolf Hitler was great, because Adolf Hitler was good." King explained about the aspersions cast on the Nazi leader's memory, "He was a man for all ages and his noble philosophy is for all races. Hitler's legacy should serve to unite all the diverse peoples in the world in the common cause of liberation from the predatory gangsters who work ceaselessly to enslave and torture the people of this planet. His great name will be restored one day, but, like Jesus, only after many years of being dragged through the Marxist mud." 

         In the same article, King goes on to explain why Hitler was a deeply Christian man who was fighting for the Christian West. With sources like these, it's no wonder the Red Pill sites have turned into such havens for raving maniacs. 

         Frankly, I didn't follow much of the Winter Olympics. But the highlight for me was seeing the lovely Ivanka representing what American women should be. But if we want to stay on this positive course, we can't let crackpots like King define our movement.


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