Monday, March 25, 2019


    After two years, this article has the distinction of being the first---and probably the last---time we've written much of anything on the big nothing-burger that was dubbed 'Russiagate'. The only real thing of any real interest now is what the Democrats will actually have to discuss; since this non-issue was about the only political item on their agenda.

    The reason that we rarely spoke here of Russiagate was because the whole thing was a transparent hoax from start to finish. Anyone who's followed the political situation for about the last 50 years or so recognized that this was nothing but an attempted coup and a really lame attempt, at that. Whenever the Radical Left doesn't get its way---especially by losing a fair election---they resort to subterfuges to grab power by force. We saw that happen with homo 'marriage', for example. Something like three dozen States specifically forbade such unions, so the Left shopped the issue to the Courts. 

     Notice the Left's post-electoral tactics since they first began infiltrating the Democratic Party during the 1960's. 

1968: 'The Chicago Seven'

1972: 'Watergate'

1984: 'Iran-Contra'

1994: 'Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy'

2000: 'Bush Stole the Election!'

2016: 'Russian Meddling'

     And so forth. Except for Watergate, none of these frauds had any actual bearing on reality; and even Watergate was blown way out of proportion. Compared to what Edward Snowden revealed about Obama's domestic spying, Watergate was a tempest in a teapot. 

      Recall that shortly after the 2016 Election, celebrities like Rosie O'Donnell and pundits like Keith Olbermann were already talking about coups and overthrowing the government. Obama's henchman John Brennan confidently predicted that President Trump "will die in prison." Not surprisingly, Obama toadies like Mueller and DNC hacks in Congress took up the call to arms. 

     The investigation did cause some damage. The worst, in my opinion, was the forced ouster of Attorney-General Sessions. I believed then, as now, that Sessions was right to recuse himself and the downfall of Mueller I think vindicates Sessions' choice. Sessions couldn't have accomplished half of his truly remarkable record were he constantly bogged down in this Russiagate nonsense. 

     Aside from the internal strife it created, however, in the end Russiagate really came to nothing and likely will be forgotten within a couple of months. Whatever the final report contains is being blocked from publication by the Democrats themselves. Evidently, they believe it's even more damaging to their cause than the failure of the plot itself. 

     During the last two years, we have been writing about the triumphs and successes of the FBI under Trump. Mueller gave the whole agency a bad name. While agents have been busy crushing terror plots, destroying gangs, locking up white-collar crooks and Swamp Creatures---as well as winning the battle against Opioid proliferation---the media focused solely on this sideshow and ignored all the good that our Justice Department is doing. That's an example of why we need to keep focused on the big picture and not let the Corporate Media drag us into distractions. 


  1. I think about how much this cost taxpayers.

    1. A lot. But I'll bet they'll never admit to how much it actually cost.