Tuesday, March 19, 2019


    Just as we were in the middle of discussing the New Zealand mass murder, another yahoo in The Netherlands lost it and opened fire on a passenger train. The suspect in this case had a lengthy criminal record and was said to be embroiled in a domestic dispute.

   The pundits, as usual, are all talking about motives; but the fact that these incidents have been continuing unabated throughout the Western world since the 1990s show that the 'experts' really have no solution. Mass killers' motives are typically the excuse and not the reason for these actions. The perpetrators run the gamut from Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Jihadists, gang-bangers, INCELS, and some for no superficial reason at all, like the Las Vegas Shooting. The underlying reason can be found however by examining certain things most or all of them have in common. 

     1. They are nearly all male.

      2. They have almost all been exposed to radicalism.

      3. They almost all exhibit sexual abnormalities or maladjustment. 

       4. They universally share a certain hopelessness coloring their worldviews. 

     The 'Elites' won't acknowledge these things because their own social policies are largely responsible for incubating these conditions. Since the 1990s---when these incidents first appeared---the cultural zeitgeist took a decidedly anti-male turn. Increasingly, Western men have been demonized, alienated, marginalized and generally treated as expendable. This understandably causes resentment and anger---and among the less emotionally stable males it spills over into irrational violent rage. 

    Male psychology is rooted in the need to defend their social sphere and gain success through competition. The greatest instinctual fear men have is insignificance. When avenues to success are blocked repeatedly through social injustice, the vulnerable are ripe targets for the radicalizing demagogue who offers them a chance to be somebody. Our culture has no shortage of embittered academics and media figures; bloodthirsty would-be Alphas; and religious fanatics more than willing to fight to the last drop of your blood. 

    If you're a man feeling hopeless, the worst thing you can do is listening to these fools. Think instead of the example of real men like the Prophet Elijah who heard the still small voice of the Spirit amidst the storm. Remember that you are not defined by your circumstances and there are higher callings for men than lashing out in senseless violence. 

    What this means effectively is to channel this righteous anger into constructive outlets. Regardless of what the demagogues say, this is not the most difficult time in Western History by far. There are positive things that men can do to make the world a better place. And good men are doing good things; and that's what really counts. 


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