Thursday, December 6, 2018


    The website Life News reported today that scandal-ridden abortion mill Planned Parenthood of Mar Monte claimed nearly $110 million income during Fiscal Year 2016-2017. PPMM operates 35 slaughterhouses throughout Northern California. 

     IRS Form 990 shows that of this tidy sum, nearly $71 million comes from taxpayers.  About $9 million are from fees. The organization showed a final profit of $15.5 million. So where did the rest of this cash come? 

     Well, as it happens, PPMM is one of several abortion rackets under Federal investigation for their connections to sales of harvested fetuses. All of these are affiliates of Planned Parenthood. The investigation stems from an undercover video  in which a journalist posing as a potential buyer interviews Planned Parenthood's head abortionist---at a luncheon no less---about prices for harvested body parts. 

   A company called StemExpress has the contract with PPMM. Congressional investigators learned that technicians from this company were present during abortions---actually getting parts on demand. This led to potential violations of HIPAA laws. Also, there was no required consent from the patients, as admitted by a former employee of StemExpress who testified against them. This ex-employee was a young woman---indoctrinated by Feminist pro-abortion propaganda---who was sent to witness an abortion at PPMM as one of these technicians. When seeing the reality of an actual abortion procedure, the scales fell from her eyes, and she recoiled in disgust from her job. 

     There were also testimonies caught on video where StemExpress officials bragged about getting 'fully intact babies'; and vicious Feminists among them chortling over how much 'male gonads' would bring. The US is one of only 12 countries worldwide where late-term (3rd Trimester) abortions are legal. California State Law fully funds these operations with tax dollars. PPMM is the largest recipient of these taxes. 

      This kind of mercenary attitude is fairly typical. An e-mail released between PPMM and StemExpress during the investigation reads as follows:

     And this isn't even the worst case. Contractors with Planned Parenthood of Orange and San Bernardino Counties were forced to pay $8 million in penalties and were banned from doing business in California after admitting to egregious violations of Federal Law. PPOSBC received $118 million in tax dollars during Obama's 2nd term. 

     Query: How is Planned Parenthood fighting for the rights of women? This is what NPC Liberal women are supporting---and they're being completely duped. Planned Parenthood is a scam---and a scam of the worst kind, preying on vulnerable women for profit while leaving them with the remorse of an aborted baby. Yes, remorse. Because Planned Parenthood isn't going to be there after they've taken your money and sold your unborn child to foreign research labs and you're feeling depressed and guilty. The fact that American women between 15-45 years old are the world's largest consumers of Antidepressants is no coincidence. 

     But the CEO's of these abortion mills aren't feeling any pain. They're too busy rolling in profits and laughing up their sleeves at their victims. And it's worth considering that many abortion-rights protesters end up in jail for 72 hours while their leaders are doing paid interviews on TV.

      See why MAWGA makes sense? Women need to stop worrying about 'control of their bodies' and start worrying about who's controlling their minds.


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