Wednesday, December 12, 2018


     Liberals generally are a pack of disgusting virtual-signalling hypocrites. This is especially true of Liberals living roughly between Central California and the Canadian Border. One of Seattle's cultural movers-and-shakers, Joel Kurzynski, was sentenced today to 2 1/2 years in the slammer after mounting a vicious cyberstalking campaign against two Washington State natives. 

     FBI officials stated that Kurzynski's attacks were among the cruelest and most calculating on record. Part of the indictment reads:

    "Beginning in March 2017, Kurzynski orchestrated numerous spam phone calls to Victim 1. The conduct soon escalated to fake dating profiles wherein Kurzynski portrayed Victim 1 as seeking sadomasochistic or underage relationships. These profiles contained photographs of Victim 1 and his contact information, resulting in solicitations and harassing messages directed toward Victim 1 from multiple strangers. Kurzynski then sent several anonymous death threats to Victim 1, including the threat, “faggot. Time to die.” At one point, Kurzynski impersonated a journalist and contacted Victim 1, claiming that an upcoming article would levy sexual misconduct allegations against Victim 1 related to Victim 1’s work with a non-profit youth organization."

     Kurzynski worked as an IT specialist on cybersecurity at a Seattle law firm with a long history of taking on Liberal, PC causes. They were one of the law firms that sued a local florist for refusing to recognize homosexual 'weddings'. That's rather ironic considering some of the slurs Kurzynski employed against Victim #1. But then again, we all know how Liberals talk when they think that no one's watching. 

    According to KIRO-7, that particular victim had to move out of state to escape the harassment. And Victim #2 was tormented as thus:

   "Kurzynski also admitted that in November 2017, he began registering Victim 2 for numerous weight loss and suicide prevention programs, resulting in a wave of calls and emails from entities such as Overeaters Anonymous, Weight Watchers, Yellow Ribbon Suicide Prevention, and others. Within weeks, Kurzynski started sending anonymous death threats to Victim 2, many of which referenced Victim 2’s work address. One threat claimed that he was waiting for her in the lobby, and another that said, “Looking forward to seeing you today and how much you bleed. Don’t go to the bathroom alone.” 

   What a lofty specimen of humanity. 

    The Liberal Seattle Media has been downplaying the fact that Kurzynski was a leader in the effete cultural scene. He was a music producer and theatrical director with Twelfth Night Productions, Seattle Music Theater, and Rainbow City Band. In 2013, he directed a 'reinterpretation' of Charles Schultz' You're a Good Man Charlie Brown. On the premier of this no-doubt brilliant performance, Kurzynski reflected: 

     “Schultz embedded adult ideas in a world of small children to remind the reader that character flaws and childhood wounds are with us always. It was the central truth of his own life, that as the adults we’ve become, and as the children we will always be, we can free ourselves, of only we can see the humor in the predicaments of funny looking kids,”

     It seems that he put this philosophy into literal practice, taking malicious delight in those predicaments which he created. Of course, his interpretation of Schultz' work is absurd, but very politically-correct. 

    But the only music that Kurzynski will be producing for the next few years will be with a hammer on a rockpile. And that's music to everyone's ears, especially those whose lives he damaged. 



  1. The two victims need to be notified, so they can file lawsuits against kurzynski...

    1. The Federal judge already ordered him to pay victim's restitution, but I don't recall how much. You're right, though: I think that they do have a good civil case too. Hopefully he'll get the same cell with Samuel Little xD

  2. Never trust a Soyface! It's the face of doom.

  3. This is a bit of cheerful good news. Grateful when justice finally rears it's head. Unfortunately this kind of passive aggressive bullying is common among the so called "elite."

    1. It is. As you mentioned on your blog lately, the Alt-RINOs' abuse of the Internet and free speech is a real problem, but the Left is just as bad (and often worse). The Left's abuses don't get near the media coverage, though.