Saturday, December 8, 2018


    Another PC doofus in charge of an American public school has suffered a humiliating chastisement at the hands of a public finally fed up with their bullying. Jennifer Sinclair, principal of Manchester Elementary School in Nebraska, issued a proclamation last week forbidding her young charges from offending anyone with public displays of Christmas cheer. 

    The list of Officially Forbidden Activities that the principal issued reads like something that a 1950's Iron Curtain Soviet Commissar would have written. Among the items prohibited include:

1. No Santa or other Christmas imagery on worksheets.

2. No Christmas Trees in classrooms, including pictorial depictions.

3. No Elves.

4. Singing Christmas carols or playing Christmas music is forbidden.

5. No making or exchanging Christmas ornaments as gifts.

6. No Christmas books. 

7. No Christmas films.

8. No images of reindeer.

9. No decorations containing red or green colors. 

10. No candy canes. 

  The principal went into explicit detail over point 10; explaining from who-knows-what-source that candy canes are a Christian symbol. According to her, the canes are an inverted 'J' standing for 'Jesus' with the red representing blood and the white representing resurrection. 

   Some of the parents contacted an activist group called The Liberty Council who filed a Cease and Desist Order against the Elkhorn School District. The District responded by countermanding Sinclair's insane directive, reprimanding the arrogant principal and obligating her to issue a public apology. Sinclair refused, and was placed on 'administrative leave' (i.e. fired).

    Good for the Elkhorn School District for taking a stand. 

    Kara Perchal, a spokeswoman for the School District told WTKR-3 in Omaha that the issue "did not effect any other school but Manchester." and that no other schools in the Elkhorn District proposed such over-reaching policies. 






  1. Dear Nightwind, what a lovely Christmas picture - of boys and girls happy with who they are.

  2. You always find stories that make me smile.

    1. It's a definite change from the Obama Era...Stories about good men doing good things and Liberals getting what they deserve. Puts me in a festive holiday mood too!