Monday, December 17, 2018


     One of the reasons that I've always had an interest in helping the public with unidentified persons' cases is, I think, because I grew up during the first generation that really felt effects of postmodern thought. Families and communities used to be cohesive; and such blatant examples of human expendability were uncommon. These really began to multiply during the 1970's and ever since have become a 'new normal.' 

    This phenomenon is, of course, a product of the narcissism, moral relativism, and the idolatry of political power that Cultural Marxism has sown in our society. There are a total of four still unidentified women from the 1950's on file. In contrast, of the 33 known men and boys killed by homosexual thug John Wayne Gacy, six are still unidentified from that case alone. 

    Worse still---like every other social ill---swarms of parasites swoop in and try to capitalize on the situation. Recently, while reading about a newly-solved case, I came across a blog on the story. I expected the worst when saw the two words "Red Pill" on the blog header. I got it, too. Here was some Alpha thumping his chest and showing off to the pee-wees; bragging that he'd singlehandedly solved the case. In reality, he had no more to do with solving that case than he had with tracking down John Wilkes Booth.

     But the worst of all of these freebooters on human misery are the Media Hyenas. They raked in millions on cases like Jon-Benet Ramsey's and Natalie Holloway's and obstructed justice far more than they ever served its cause. Recently, the Media has been pressuring authorities in New Hampshire to reopen some cold cases surrounding a serial killer who was then living there under the alias of Bob Evans. Evans was not only a mass murderer, he was also a serial rapist, kidnapper, paedophile, and arsonist among all of his lesser crimes. Evans was living with a common-law wife named Elizabeth in Manchester, New Hampshire. They were about to be evicted from their home when Evans burned the house down and Elizabeth disappeared shortly thereafter and is presumed dead. 

    So, Manchester authorities began looking for Elizabeth again, and some public tips came in that she resembled a girl named Elizabeth 'Liz' Lamotte who was a runaway from a girls' home in 1984. 

     The police were skeptical at first since nobody had ever reported Miss Lamotte missing. But when they visited the Youth Development Center in Manchester, there was indeed a file on her. It stated that she was given a pass to attend a high school football game in town in November of 1984 and never came back. On her 18th birthday---July 27th, 1985---the institution closed the file. They never bothered to look for her. 

     And neither did Liz' family. Consider that she would have been discharged from the home when she turned 18---nine months after she went missing---and none of this tribe even wondered why she hadn't come home. It wasn't until 2017, when the Evans case was reopened, that Liz' siblings, hoping to cash in on the publicity  find their missing sister, filed a police report so that they could submit DNA for official testing. 

     Many of our readers here are parents themselves, and many others would like to be. Some of Liz' childhood pictures surfaced. Now, consider that Christ taught us that children are a gift from God. Consider also that Liz' parents have since gone to meet Christ and account to Him for what they did (or didn't do) with that gift.

     But the Media hoopla did remind Liz' siblings that nobody had seen their sister in 33 years. Besides submitting their DNA, these sterling specimens of humanity also posted flyers which are absolutely nauseating in their repugnant hypocrisy.

    About a month ago, in breathless anticipation, the long-awaited DNA results were returned. The forensics team had a match. But it wasn't the match they'd hoped for. It matched a homicide victim found in April, 1985 who until then was known as Greene County Jane Doe.

     How Liz ended up in Tennessee, or who killed her, is unknown. But the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and a dedicated group of volunteers has been working on her case for a long time. “I’m happy to hear that a conclusion has come to the identity of the young lady. I’ll be even more excited to hear someone is eventually charged with taking this young lady’s life,” retired detective Hoot Bowers told The Greeneville Sun. Bowers was assigned the case originally in 1985. 

     So why do we say that this case had a happy ending? Because of four things:

1. Liz Lamotte got her name back;

2. People who actually did care about her saw their efforts rewarded;

3. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation got a major breakthrough in solving this case; and

4. Those who hoped to capitalize on the tragedy were left holding the bag. 

     And anybody with information about Liz Lamotte's murder can call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation at 1-800-824-3463. 


  1. It's only slightly related, but three of the four Bear Brook Does were identified earlier this year. The one unidentified one is Terrence Rassmussen's daughter. Yup, he killed his kid.
    Cases like this remind me of how important it is to have someone keeping active tabs on you. I think a lot of the unidentified are that because no one reported them missing. They weren't close to anyone.

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    1. That sounds delightful. Let me know when you're arriving so that I can have the tea and crumpets ready.