Wednesday, December 19, 2018


    First Lady Melania Trump opened the White House for Christmas 2018 this week. Mrs. Trump again designed the whole project and managed---remarkably---to surpass last year's breathtaking designs. According to the White House website, there are over 100 Open Houses scheduled and 30,000 tours planned before the Trump Family and guests join in the annual Christmas celebrations.

    The jackals in the Mainstream Media have been engaged in a collective tantrum because they again have been banned (to wit, prevented from disrupting) this year's festivities. Well, they can always go to Pelosi's house and spend Christmas listening to Colbert telling anti-Christian jokes on Comedy Channel. But the White House looks like it's going to be a fun place to be.


     The theme of the decorations this year is called American Treasures, which Melania explained was displayed symbolically in all the different sections of the White House to form a unified central artistic message "displaying the many splendors found across our great nation." It's noteworthy in these displays that there are many color contrasts highlighting this theme.

    It appears that what Mrs. Trump designed was to create the artistic effect of synthesizing diverse themes, represented by these color schemes, into a crescendo of unity---by which she used the White House itself as actually symbolic of that totality. When she announced the choice of this theme, she made it a point to stress that, "this House is held in trust for all Americans," which implies that this is the effect. That really displays some sophisticated artistic talent on Melania's part. 

    Despite the obvious enormity of this project, Mrs. Trump paid considerable attention to detail. The picture above, I believe, is of the White House dining room. Notice how the artistic theme shifts here from the grandeur and splendor of 'the people's house' to a rather simple and cozy 'family space' to reflect on the important and personal features of the holidays. And the same with the living-room:

     At any rate, Melania puts much more spirit into Christmas than what we saw during the gloomy days of the Deep State.

     Any readers interested can check out Mrs. Trump's article on the displays with a video tour at the White House website. 

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