Sunday, December 30, 2018


    Shortly before Christmas, Judge William Atkinson of Brown County, Wisconsin, annulled a De Pere city ordinance which attempted to force homo acceptance onto area churches. The degenerates on the De Pere City Council passed the ordinance late last year---to go into effect in March---which required businesses, employers, landlords, and others "in the public venue" to submit to homo infiltration under the pretext of non-discrimination. De Pere's ordinance also demanded that churches obey the edict.

  The week before the law was to go into effect, the City was sued by five area churches and a Christian radio station on the grounds that the ordinance was unconstitutional. Judge Atkinson agreed. Not only that, the Judge found the case so clear that he issued a Summary Judgement against the City, avoiding a jury trial.

 "Court finds that churches and their campuses are not public accommodations and the city of De Pere's ordinance infringes on the freedom of religion. Court grants plaintiff's motion for summary judgment and denies defendant's motion to dismiss," the Judge flatly stated, without further comment. But Kevin Snyder, one of the Plaintiffs' attorneys told CBN News the detailed legal ramifications of the case:

 "The ordinance was calculated to re-label religious institutions as places of public accommodation. Had the court gone the other way, it would have been the first time in the country that a church or religious ministry was deemed a place of public accommodation...The city is entitled to its own worldview on religion, marital status, and sexual orientation. But it cannot use the power of the state to pry open the doors of a church to force it to participate in conduct against its faith through the guise of an anti-discrimination law."
  Thus, we can see that if the De Pere Ordinance had stood, religious liberty would have been placed in serious jeopardy. 

   The Whacko Left Wing was infuriated over the decision, to say the least. City Attorney Judy Schmidt-Lehman stormed out of the courtroom without even a word to the Media. The Media, of course, was rooting for the City and against the churches. The local press, with the Green Bay Press-Gazette surpassing all of the others in its virulence, could barely contain their collective outrage. All of this is very symbolic of our gains in 2018. 

    And let's hope that the next year sees the pushback move from churches to other venues that social venues co-opted by the Rainbow Gang. 


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