Saturday, December 22, 2018


    It can't be denied that Melania Trump and the other women in the President's family and administration have made a significant impact on our culture. American women are slowly emerging from a deep social freeze and re-learning that femininity and glamour are nothing to be ashamed of.

   But Trash Culture dies hard; and both the Alt-RINOs and the Whacko Left Wing have been stoking their respective constituencies with their versions of 'Alt-Fashion'. Along with the Gay Mafia, the Red Pills and Feminists have a stake in not Making American Women Great Again. 

    The Red Pills, courtesy of Vox Day and Arkhaven Comics, present us with their version of the Alpha Super-Woman. Their constituency is primarily composed of uneducated, sexually frustrated, truculent men who watch porn when their 'Game' fails (i.e. 99.9% of the time). As part of this lifestyle, the Red Pills imagine themselves superior to all women and practically every other man. Thus the model of femininity they present is a combination of porn star and trashy reality-TV celebrities.

     The first notable thing with Alpha 'Alt-Fashion' is a dopey expression and what the Alphas call 'the thousand mile stare.'

     And, reflecting the exaggerated physiques of porn stars, things like bleach and silicon factor strongly in Alpha Fashion:

     The insalubrity of the Alpha lifestyle also leads to the glamorization of bad health and hygiene:

     And of their clothing, it's best described as cheap, tasteless, and minimal:

     The Whacko Left Wing has been spending the last few years "deconstructing social norms of beauty;' ---which in the case of most Feminists is making a virtue of necessity. However, outside of Big Media and Big Academia their efforts have met with little or no success. Cancelling swimsuit competitions, interposing homos and fatsos into beauty pageants, and promoting androgynous celebrities hasn't resonated with the public. So the Left trotted out Michelle Obama to show us some of their 'counter-culture look'.

     The Left's constituency is composed largely of disinformed Middle to Upper Class Whites who engage in virtue-signalling by aping the worst elements of the cultures whom they secretly despise as inferiors. Michelle Obama here is copying the retro look of an old-school ghetto streetwalker, whom---after having stolen her client's money---fled the motel using a bedsheet for cover:

    The 'stoned' look is also an interesting feature that both Alt-RINO and Leftist women affect. That says a lot about the men who find this look appealing: 

     And the Leftist version of  'Active Wear' makes both a fashion and a political statement. They show off their 'commitment to diversity' by sporting outfits evocative of Asian and South American revolutionaries.

    The hoodie, handkerchief, and combat boots make the Leftist fashionista ready for a riot at a moment's notice. And as most binary Leftist women are thug-chasers, riots are a natural place for them to meet the Bad-Boy of Their Dreams. 

      But for normal women who believe that they deserve better than a thug, an Alpha, or a mushy male feminist, the Trump women are good models to follow.


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