Sunday, March 6, 2022


      Well, I think that this week, Ameroboobs have set a Guinness Record for the fastest transition from one national panic attack to the other. Of course, in 2020, it was a pretty dramatic shift from the Scamdemic hysteria to the George Whats-His-Name Riots and back to the Scamdemic again. It seems that the Elites are getting better at managing these things. Last Winter, just as the Variant of the Week was causing lockdowns again, Bill Gates predicted that 2022 would be the end of COVID-19. Right on schedule it happened too. The Scamdemic has dropped out of the news cycle just as quickly as the AIDS Epidemic disappeared the minute Obama started pushing for homo 'equality.' 

     Cancel Culture, mass-hysteria, and price-gouging has been running rampant in the US again. The same clods who dutifully locked down their bars and enforced Vaxx/Mask mandates on command are destroying stockpiles of vodka. After Russian forces began securing nuclear power plants, we've seen a run on iodine like we haven't seen since the panic over the Fukushima Disaster. "Hey, the stuff's selling like hotcakes on Ebay!" Gas prices are escalating and products are flying off store-shelves in spite of the fact that the US imports very little from either Russia or Ukraine. The Tech Lords are censoring 'misinformation' about the 'Ukraine Crisis' and even some restaurants are striking Chicken Kiev from their menus. Out of spite, see the end of the article for an authentic recipe for Chicken Kiev taken from the venerable Great-grandmother's files. 😍


    Sadly, though, we are once again seeing America at its worst. On sites like Reddit there are actually pictures of "the devastation in Ukraine" that are really pictures of blighted American cities. The disconnection from Reality that the American people are engaging now is displaying itself at levels like these and is bound to go even lower. 

    It's not only an American phenomenon: in the Police State of Canada, Trudeau's thugs have apparently gotten bored with beating pro-freedom protesters and have begun attacking random Russian immigrants. I'm certain that doesn't qualify as a 'hate crime' in that WEF satrapy. 

    The whole phenomenon of mass-hysteria is something I've been trying to comprehend most of my adult life. The most uncanny aspect to it is how it shifts so radically. People can fly into hysterical rages not only about things they don't understand: they can change their focus of fear and panic on a dime. There are many examples, but a recent one happened during the Scamdemic. During early 2020, police were supposedly among "our frontline heroes" bravely beating maskless people and padlocking churches. Only a few months later, police became a group committed to systemic racism and career criminals were turned into martyrs. 

     The second strange aspect to these mass-panics is that they not only ignore obvious facts, the masses engaging in them often hold them in spite of mutually contradictory positions. For example, anyone who defends sexuality as normal is denounced as a 'pervert' by the same people who denounce anyone who criticizes homosexual grooming and flaunting of the lifestyle as 'homophobic'. In the so-called Ukraine Crisis, Conservatives are denouncing Putin as a warmonger for securing Russia's borders against a Regime that was created by the Western Left. Similarly, they denounce him as tyrant, though his domestic policies too are among the very things that Conservatives advocate doing here: reining in the Pink Mafia; suppressing crime, fighting terrorism, supporting families and churches, creating stable jobs, encouraging domestic production, streamlining bureaucracy, etc. 

    The third unsettling aspect of postmodern Western mass-hysteria is the overt brutality that accompanies the frenzy. There's little or no trace of any humanity in these movements. Not only are the people caught in these contagions utterly intolerant: they openly state that any dissenters should be silenced, imprisoned, publicly shamed---and even worse, we hear terms thrown about like frozen out of society, and left to starve and denied medical care, housing, and access to services. Some of the suggestions that the Tech Lords allow to be published on social media (while suppressing dissenting views) are too vile even to repeat here. Even savages and barbarians would blush with shame if members of their tribes were talking like this. 

   On an individual level, a (competent) psychiatrist would immediately suspect Manic-Depressive psychosis; possibly Paranoid delusions or Schizophrenia if a patient appeared with this constellation of symptoms. How this has been effected on a mass-level, I believe has two main causes. Organized propaganda, of course, plays a major part in it: but at the same time, human reason would eventually overcome the barrage of falsehoods unless that ability has been impaired. 

    The first factor causing this impairment is the systemic emasculation of American men. The fact that we have a crisis of masculinity is so obvious that it hardly needs further documentation. A less obvious fact is that most of the pathological symptoms of American mass-hysteria are, at an individual clinical level, far more characteristic of neurotic women than men. It's been well established that gender-role reversal in dysfunction people tends to bring out the negative---not the positive---sides of the genders affected. This is seen clearly in homosexuality. The butch lesbian usually mimics a coarse, brutish male while an effete 'gay' male is often hysterical and given to dramatic outbursts. The repressed sexuality common in these conditions turn their Libido outwards towards society and that anger is easily channelled by skilful manipulators. 

    The other factor, I believe, is drug-related. Since the 1990s, narcotics---both pushed illegally by gangs and legally by Big Pharma---has had a crippling effect on Americans' ability to reason clearly and behave morally. People under the influence of mind-altering drugs are highly susceptible to suggestion. Depending upon the types of narcotics and the psychological state of the persons involved, these drugs can produce either a state of complete apathy in the face of injustice or a manic willingness to participate in them. 

   These are only opinions, however, I don't think that the fact that both factors have been increasing alongside the postmodern waves of mass-hysteria should be overlooked. This is especially suspect when one considers how many of these 'crises' have sexually and medically related overtones. This is also true of these 'international crises.' It ought to be noteworthy that the leaders demonized by our Media over the last 30 years--- Noreiga, Milosevic, Hussein, Mubarak, Qaddafi, Kim, Xi, Assad, Putin---were not only all male, but not exactly effeminate males. The same however cannot be said for the likes of Bush, Blair, Clinton, Obama, Trudeau, Biden, etc. I've also suspected that the blind hatred felt for our own more virile leaders like Reagan and Trump is not a coincidence either. Even though Reagan and Trump did intervene in foreign countries, one should note that their actions were often limited and not carried out like some personal vendetta. They also acted on their own responsibility instead building grand 'coalitions'---like a bunch of grade-school girls who get mad at somebody and want everyone else to be mad at them too. 

    Well, at least until the Great Reset forbids us to have our own kitchens and eat meat, we can spend an evening with some delicious Chicken Kiev. If you have some vodka stashed, a nice Martini might make a good nightcap. 



                                                     CHICKEN KIEV

        This recipe, BTW, is not even Russian but was invented by a Frenchman who'd been an cook in Napoleon's Army and served it in a restaurant that he bought in New York City after he immigrated to the US. It was a very popular dish during the late 19th through mid 20th Century.

        Slice chicken breasts thin, about a 1/4" thick. Lay a pat of butter one side of a flattened meat and fold the other over it, pressing down the edges to seal it well. 

       Mix one egg to the juice of half a lemon and dip the meat in well. Mix a breading of 1/2 fine bread crumbs to 1/2 flour with onion salt to taste and coat the fillets. Deep-fry at 390 degrees until well browned. 

       Note: the aged grandmother served this with sides of mashed potatoes & gravy and homemade coleslaw. 😇

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