Friday, February 23, 2024


    So cranes are in the news now, yet another in the seemingly endless China Threat that the Government-Media Complex has been using recently to distract American attention from our multitudinous domestic and international failures. On Wednesday, the Biden/Harris Junta by Executive Order "announced a plan to invest billions in domestic manufacturing of cranes, citing concerns that Chinese-made cranes could pose a potential national-security risk." 

    At first, this sounded hopeful. With all of the hysteria about Chinese-owned farmland, I hoped that would mean that the production of Crane Potato Chips was coming back. They were my favorite during my childhood years (OK, unless readers are over 45 and grew up in the Midwest, you probably don't remember those 😇)

     Sadly, we learned that this Executive Order had to do with cargo cranes at American ports. “Every day malicious cyber actors attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Marine Transportation System’s control systems and networks,” thundered a White House spokesxhe, "the administration is highlighting a plan to invest over $20 billion over the next five years in port infrastructure including an effort to reestablish domestic crane manufacturing to end Chinese dominance in large cargo cranes."

     This latest round of hysteria originated in the Controlled Opposition media outlet, The Wall Street Journal about nine months ago. Though Murdoch's mouthpieces had nothing but praise two decades ago when the Bush Administration was fast-tracking Chinese inclusion into the World Trade Organization and couldn't seem to uproot and outsource American manufacturing communities to China fast enough, these days Chinese-manufactured cranes are a "Trojan Horse" and another of those nebulous national security threats. 

    Now, since the US hasn't invested anything---from infrastructure to education--- on heavy-equipment manufacturing in decades, one might logically inquire who is going to build cranes in America?

    We learned today that the Junta has already tapped San Diego-based Paceco Corporation as the recipient of this sudden commitment to Making America Great Again. However, there is one small detail, that the anti-China hawks seem to be overlooking: Paceco is a subsidiary of a Japanese-owned industrial consortium, at the top of which sits WEF Top 100 Strategic Partner and major corporate component of the Japanese Deep State, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. 

    Isn't it interesting how many of these policies and programs always seem to lead back to the same people? Just a coincidence too, that this Executive Order and suspiciously well-prepared deal with Paceco just happened to take place while a high-level summit was going on in Tokyo between the US, Japan, and South Korea, we should suppose. 

     At the time that the WSJ article appeared, it was hooted down widely by engineers and others of the few remaining American authorities on ports and supply-chains. But American Liberals and Conservatives seem to be able to become very bipartisan when certain Corporate interests snap their fingers; and a public gullible enough to believe that Chinese weather balloons and Tik-Tok threaten our way of life can be convinced of about anything. 

     Granted, we should be manufacturing things like heavy equipment in America again, and American companies should be controlling such ventures, and American universities should be training competent engineers again. Wishful thinking aside, however, we can't simply wave a magic wand (or sign an Executive Order) and make all of that happen tomorrow. It would take years of national planning and investment---which there is no political or social will to do---so replacing Chinese cranes will have to rely upon supplies from some other foreign power. So, America takes the usual course: transferring wealth from one entity to the Crony Capitalists and propping up the popular illusion that American Industry is really making a comeback.



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