Monday, February 26, 2024


     So the Controlled Opposition today is brimming with excitement because the President-in-Exile won the South Carolina Primary, although again by a less wide margin than experts had predicted. WEF Young Global Leader Nikki Haley is staying in the race; and her WEF cohort, Vivek Ramaswamy finished at the top of a CPAC poll for potential Vice-Presidents. Trump is also being pressured to celebrate diversity and Tim Scott---one of the biggest grifters in the Senate---was suggested; as was WEF Young Global Leader Tulsi Gabbard and Sarah Palin clone, Kristi Noem. It seems as though the Deep State is hedging its bets here again; they realize that they can't stop Trump from being nominated: so after failing to get a replacement, they're focusing on his successor. In the unlikely event that Trump actually wins the 2024 Election, recall that he is 77 years old and that accidents can happen to people of that age. 

    For whatever their words are worth, the pollsters at Quinnepac released a poll showing that the SC Primary didn't help much: for the first time in a while Biden is leading Trump by a narrow margin. This might not mean much, but the little detail that everyone is ignoring is that the same poll showed Biden losing by a more substantial margin if he was matched against Nikki Haley. 

   Those poll results show that things really aren't boding well for a 'Red Wave' in November, because what it really highlights is something that we've been warning about since 2021: the GOP's shift to the Far Right is not going to win them support. To underscore this point, consider that the Republican-controlled Congress' approval ratings are barely into double-digits; and while Biden's approval ratings are nothing to brag about, they are about 300% higher than what the GOP 'leadership' has been able to muster. 

   In their headlong rush to self-destruction, the Republican Party took a decisive turn to the hard Right at the CPAC convention over the weekend. Shady provocateur Jack Posobiec opened the proceedings by stating: "Welcome to the end of democracy. We are here to overthrow it completely. We did not get there all the way on Jan 6, but we will endeavor to get rid of it." This got a round of applause from the crowd. 

  Since the Biden/Harris Junta has alienated American Moslems by their slavish support for Zionism, the Republicans decided to sabotage their (once) growing support among Latinos by advocating Zionist-style tactics against Hispanics' relatives at home and abroad. Alt-Right figure Stephen Miller said:

  "The immigration issue is extremely simple. The simple part is seal the border, deport all the illegals. You would establish large-scale staging grounds for removal flights. So you would grab illegal immigrants and then you move them to the staging grounds, and that’s where the planes are waiting for federal law enforcement to then move these illegals home… You deputize the National Guard to carry out immigration enforcement and then you also deploy the military to the southern border, not just with a mission to observe, but with an impedance and denial mission. In other words, you reassert the fundamental constitutional principle that you don’t have a right to enter into our sovereign territory to even request the asylum claim. The military has the right to establish a fortress position on the border, and to say, 'No one can cross here at all.'" (Except, of course, when other countries defend their borders, but we digress). 

   Tom Homan, former Commissar of the corrupt ICE agency said of a future GOP Administration:

   "He will abolish the criminal cartels in Mexico. He will take them on, because the country of Mexico is not doing a damn thing about the cartels who have killed more Americans than any terrorist organization. President Trump will declare them a terrorist organization, he will send a Hellfire rocket down there and he will take the cartels out… There has to be an historic deportation operation. It has to be that way, there is no other option. It’s the right thing to do." (We've all seen how well American missile barrages have worked in the Middle East, but we digress). 

   Bush Machine toady Congressman Dan Bishop of North Carolina chimed in: "The significance of what you just said Stephen, and all the things you just laid out, we got to have a president to do it, but you also cannot proceed in a way in which you are tentative and unsure. The idea that you deport everybody… that’s just cause. It’s obvious because that’s what has to occur. Our nation’s survival depends on that sort of aggressiveness in asserting ourselves."

    Along with effusive praise for Israeli strongman and WEF member Benjamin Netanyahu, Argentine President (and also a WEF member) Javier Milei made an appearance. Milei, a self-described anarcho-capitalist who wielded a chainsaw during his campaign last year to signal his plans to disembowel Argentina’s government and sell as much of the country off to Wall Street as humanly possible, was joined by Salvadoran strongman Nayib Bukele, who is a strong advocate for digital IDs and currency. 

     So let us analyze what we're being sold here. The Biden/Harris Junta is dangerous for the country, that is a fact. That the Junta is a figurehead for Globalist Corporate Cartels is also a fact. The antidote for this, we're told is:

    1. A more militarized Police and Surveillance State to combat the national emergency of illegal immigration (like the Left did during the Scamdemic).

   2. Setting up Federal Detention Camps (like the Left proposed to do the unvaxxed). 

   3. Holding up foreign dictators as role models (like the Left does with Ukraine and Canada).

   4. Unilaterally bombing other countries who don't kowtow to the Deep State's demands (like the Left does in the Middle East).

   5. Promoting WEF Young Global Leaders to positions of power (like the Left does across the board).

   6. Sealing the borders (like the Left did during the Scamdemic).

   7. Committing to overthrowing democracy (like the Left is also committed to doing).

   It should be obvious to anybody that we have no Conservative party in America at all any more: what we have are Neocons and Alt-Rightists who are exposing themselves for what they really are: the Reactionary Left. 

   In other words, all of this nonsense is only for show and the Oligarchy wins either way. Either they get an authoritarian government who does their bidding and calls it a 'popular mandate;' or the Republicans get wiped out again and the Junta goes forward with the Great Reset because they have a 'popular mandate.' Maintaining the illusion of a having a Popular Mandate for their schemes is the only reason that the Oligarchs permit us to have Elections any more in the first place. 


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