Friday, March 1, 2024


     Compared to just a few weeks ago, it seems as though the Civil War in Palestine has dropped out of the news cycle. The war is still going on; but it seems as though the Controlled Opposition sites have forgotten about it. It wasn't that long ago that anybody who didn't stand with the Zionists were 'anti-Semites' and that this was 'Israel's 9/11'---and what happened to the West's War for Existence?' Why aren't we getting daily reminders any more that 'there are no innocents in Gaza' or that 'the world won't be safe until every Palestinian is dead?'

    The war is about to enter its fifth month, and several things are being abundantly clear: to the point where Neocon and Churchian apologists for the Zionists can't make excuses any longer. The first cause is the bravery of the Palestinian people, who've stood off a vastly superior military (armed and trained by our Pentagon) and inflicted heavy casualties on the Zionist fanatics that even their stranglehold on the Media can no longer hide. The Palestinians have won the admiration of the civilized world for refusing to submit in the face of unparalleled barbarity.

   The second reason is that that very barbarism itself is becoming increasingly more difficult to gloss over. Videos of IDF goons commandeering houses of worship and gloating over torture they've committed there; their drunken soldiers dancing and celebrating over their kill-counts; medical crews intentionally murdered; journalists targeted for assassination; elderly people shot down in church doorways: this is becoming an apparent strain on even the tolerance levels of American Churchian hypocrites. This weekend, the "bulwark of Western democratic values" engaged in a Canadian-style brutality, crushing a protest by Israeli citizens

   As if there was already a level of depravity that the Zionists hadn't reached, they managed to crown all of their crimes on Thursday by massacring a group of Palestinian civilians under a flag of truce and truckloads of humanitarian aid. Last week, the Regime began targeting and expelling UN and other humanitarian aid groups, taking over the responsibility themselves. As the convoys reached the aid center, “Numerous people fell from the trucks while attempting to take a bag of flour, and many others were targeted while carrying a carton of canned goods or a bag of flour to feed their starving family members.” Ismail al-Ghoul, a reporter with Al Jazeera said. "After opening fire on them, Israeli tanks ran over dead and injured people and that ambulances were unable to reach the scene because the roads are totally destroyed.” Another eyewitness noted that: "IDF troops opened fire twice – waiting until the first aid-seekers had returned to the truck from hiding to shoot them again." About 112 people were killed and nearly 1,000 wounded in this latest atrocity.

   Since the revolt began on October 7th, we've put the question out to any Christians in the Western world how they can justify Israel's actions. So far, no takers: and it doesn't appear as if there will be. The postmodern Churchian Right has difficulty enough justifying its own actions against Christ's teachings, let alone anybody else's.

    The really dangerous thing is that what we're seeing in Israel is, essentially, what these Christian Nationalists ---or whatever they call themselves--- advocating for in this country being put into actual practice. It's one thing to play an Alpha on a keyboard, but the situation in Palestine is a real-life demonstration of those ideologies carried out to their logical conclusions. This may be another reason why the Controlled Opposition is avoiding too much discussion about Gaza these days: with an election coming up, people might start noticing a few too many similarities. Worse still (for them), they might start connecting the dots between Israel, the Republican Party, and the Great Reset.

    Americans need to stop ignoring the situation in Palestine and, if nothing else, look very closely at the Regime running Israel and what they are doing, because that is the future of our own country if the Neocons and their Alt-Right confederates manage to regain power. If anybody doubts that this is so, look at our US Congress and most Republican-controlled State Legislatures. We look in vain for politicians working for the benefit of all Americans: instead we see kowtowing to the Corporations, draconian laws, and endless inquisitions and Lawfare against political opponents. In short, they are no better than the Left, and arguably worse in many respects. Combined with their overheated rhetoric, it's not difficult to envision a Netanyahu-style Regime evolving here under the banner of 'Conservatism.' Most Americans even believe that Israel is a 'right-wing' government, when in reality it's at least as far Left as Macron, King Charles, or Justin Trudeau have made their Regimes. There isn't a single Blue State in America that wouldn't be preferable to living in Israel. 

     What we desperately need in the United States is an actual Conservative party again. This isn't likely to happen until Christians and Conservatives start assuming some responsibility for self-government and start behaving like Christians again instead of adherents of the Cult of the Super-Man. 




  1. I certainly have no desire to defend the "churchian right," those people just give me fits six ways past Sunday.

    For me however, I really don't know what to think about the war, beyond being certain we shouldn't be funding it and that our intentions are not simple or honorable. We have investments and interests in the area that aren't exactly clear. I have also been taking note of massive amounts of propaganda, really coming from both sides. Propaganda combined with a lying and corrupt media makes it very difficult to form an accurate opinion. I wish President Trump was still in charge. I am convinced that both the conflicts in Ukraine and in Palestine would not have occurred if he were running things and that a whole lot of lives would have been saved.

    1. I agree: Trump would never have let the Deep State instigate either of these situations. He handled the situation in Korea and Iran by pushing the Deep State's rogue elements down and negotiating.

      I don't like the way the situation with the 'election' is shaping up, either. The Deep State seems to be building up some kind of 'crisis' like they did in 2020 and the Right seems utterly blind to that possibility.