Sunday, December 3, 2017


    December 1st was designated World AIDS Awareness Day. After a hiatus of several years, the Corporate Media is paying attention to AIDS again; now that we have a Republican-controlled government. During the Obama years---when the self-appointed cultural elites were pushing homo acceptance and 'same-sex marriage'---the subject of AIDS rarely appeared in the press. It disappeared from the Mainstream Media as dramatically as stories about economic growth have vanished since Trump was sworn in. 

     But some stories haven't returned. For example, few Americans outside of Maryland know who Carlos Bell is. Bell was thrown in jail last week on 206 federal charges including rape, sex trafficking, child pornography and narcotics charges. All of Bell's victims were boys and young men, who were all legal minors. 

       Carlos Bell was also HIV-Positive. He may have knowingly infected at least 42 juveniles with AIDS. 

        Bell worked for the Maryland Public Schools, all in Charles County. Maryland Public Schools have been aggressively promoting the homosexual agenda. In fact, in October, private schools who refused to bow to Maryland's political correctness were stripped of state funding.  The Corporate Media has had very little to say about homosexual rape cases like this; despite having much to say about aggressive flirting by heterosexual men.

       A 2016 CDC Report---which was discreetly kept out of public sight by interested parties---showed that homosexual rape is quite common in America's public schools. According to the CDC's findings, 20% of 'LGBTQ' students reported having been sexually assaulted. The reported number among sexually-adjusted students was 5%. Politicians like Seattle's former mayor Ed Murray and Portland's former mayor Sam Adams were both ejected from office after allegations of raping young men and boys became well-known. 

       Yet the Media doesn't want a discussion about the obvious problems with 'normalizing' homosexuality. Their propaganda would have us believe that homosexual rape has disappeared along with AIDS---in fact that it's a better and purer lifestyle choice than normal sexual unions. The high suicide and drug addiction rates among 'LGBTQ' persons might suggest otherwise. Yet the Media silence on this issue is understandable just by noting which cities have the highest homosexual populations:

    1. New York
    2. Los Angeles
    3. Chicago
    4. San Francisco
    5. Phoenix
    6. Houston
    7. San Diego
    8. Dallas
     9. Seattle
    10. Boston

And which cities have the highest per capita number of them:

      1. Seattle
      2. San Francisco
      3. Atlanta
      4. Minneapolis
      5. Boston
      6. Sacramento
       7. Portland
       8. Denver
       9. Washington
      10. Orlando

       Note that the first group are mostly cities with a large media presence and that the second has a high number of people who work for the government. That explains how much of the Government-Media collusion comes about on this particular issue. 

       Thus, we're not hearing much about real sex scandals. First 'openly gay' mayors caught raping minors; school officials hired under 'inclusive' policies assaulting people; the number of HIV-positive homosexuals who knowingly infect others. And the fault isn't solely with Liberal Democrats. RINOs like 'Rainbow Rex' Tillerson and Robert Gates gave homosexual  scoutmasters free access to young boys and men despite the long history of attempted homosexual infiltration there. What is happening in the military, no one knows. 

      Maybe Americans should worry a little more about who's with their kids than which Senator was with which woman, don't you think?

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  1. Agreed! Well said. This is a difficult issue to address because of political correctness, because of the way we aren't allowed to ever relate child abuse to homosexuality. These things go on in our public schools, in our foster care system, in institutions all the time. The issues that Christians tend to care about like homosexuality, abortion, promiscuity, they often stem from child sexual abuse. They are cultural symptoms of a larger sin. While I don't want to see any witch hunts,some raised awareness would be nice. These perpetrators are often protected, sheltered, basically their behavior condoned because of politics, power, people's reluctance to address the problem. The Seattle Mayor is a good example, some 30 years of trying to get people to understand that it is immoral, harmful, destructive to sexually exploit young boys.