Tuesday, June 6, 2017


      The infamous Vox Day, Red Pill Cult leader and Alt-Right extremist is at it again: denouncing Christians and Conservatives while trying desperately to pretend that he isn't part of the Anti-American Left. An American expat living in Italy, Vox' blog is mostly about destabilizing America as much as possible by fomenting hatred against women, Jews, minorities, etc.

     Vox and the Red Pill/Alt-Right in general pose as 'genuine' Christians and Conservatives but they are radicals in reality. Their ultimate goal is not to overthrow the Deep State and Cultural Marxism; but to replace them with a new set of Cultural Elites who promote a socio-economic Fascism. The Far Left and the Far Right are both godless and anti-democratic; however they may falsely present themselves.

      Yesterday, Vox did a podcast---on the appropriately titled Darkstream program---espousing one of his favorite topics: 'Hatred is a Christian Virtue.' One of his disciples made the blasphemous, but not wholly illogical statement that if Hate is a virtue, it is also virtuous not to forgive 'sinners'. This view encapsulates why both the Far Left and Extreme Right are so self-righteous in the most violent acts they commit and words they disseminate.

     Most Christians make the erroneous assumption that the heretics of both movements deny mankind's sinful nature. On the contrary---most wholeheartedly believe in it; it is Redemption that they deny. Hatred works like a vicious circle in this line of reasoning. The Extremists resent the idea of Equality before God, or that only God can justify the sinner. The Far Left believes that only they can bring equality; while the Far Right believes that only they can validate human worth.

      Traditional Conservatism is rooted in Faith, which is why we avoid extremism in word and deed. As Christians are taught to convert by example and by love---expressed in our laws by respect for the value of a single human being---so Conservatism strives to build a social order that others wish to join or imitate.

      Pundit George Will recently wrote a brilliant editorial piece lamenting the Trash Culture that has been insinuating itself into Conservatism. He contrasted these trends with the approach of the genteel William F. Buckley. Younger readers may not remember Buckley, but he was a huge inspiration to younger Conservatives throughout the mid-to-late 20th Century.

      Buckley was an inspiration to us because he was a living embodiment of what Conservatism had to offer: a man of ability both with word and deed; successful and wealthy; an unapologetic Christian and family man---Buckley was a real leader whom men would follow and not a phony Alpha. A more to the point, Buckley was always a gentleman.

      Predictably, the Red Pills could have nothing but contempt for a real Christian Conservative; and Vox poured out his venom on Will's column:

      "When the Alt-Right comes to power, one of its first acts should be to dig up the corpse of William F. Buckley and burn it. He was without question a significant part of the problem; he was no true Soldier of the Right, but part of the Left's Cuckservative Guard!" Vox thundered to his dunderheaded disciples, "As for George Will: Your day is done. We have move beyond you, not only politically, but intellectually! We may be vulgar, we may be impolite and déclassé, but we are considerably smarter and more perceptive than you are! And we're not soiling Conservatism. We're rejecting it, for the useless defensive and defeatist b------t it always has been."

      Yes, we can witness the specimens of humanity whom Vox considers superior to men like Buckley, Will, Reagan, Goldwater, Friedman, etc. The whole spectrum of the Red Pill movement is filled from one end to the other with failures: bitter expats, pick-up artists, cultists, neo-Nazis, ex-convicts, disgraced officials and so on.

       Christ taught us "By their fruits you shall know them." The fruits of the Red Pills: hatred, envy, arrogant pride, unforgiveness: these are not the Fruits of the Spirit, whatever else they may be.

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