Wednesday, June 28, 2017


       Not content to do the Radical Left's work for them by undermining Oath Keepers, the phonies on the Alt-Right have stooped even lower than Antifa by doxxing their members. Vox Day, the ringleader of the Red Pill attack on Oath Keepers (of which we wrote yesterday), publicized the name, hometown, birthplace, and department of a Black policeman to be subjected to harassment.

      After Vox unleashed a troll storm on Oath Keepers yesterday, he ridiculed them as being "unable to take criticism" and called them cowards. Today, he had a near nervous breakdown because an Oath Keeper had dared Vox to spout his racialist insults to his face. The cowardly Vox immediately responded by doxxing the author of the comment---something he's had a long history of doing to others.

      The Oath Keeper in question worked as a police officer in Indianapolis for 11 years---a city with a violent crime rate four times higher than the national average. He's worked in Montana since 2015. Quite a contrast from a punk who hides out in Europe and incites others to do his fighting for him.

     As for Vox himself, as he says among the comments:

    "Anyone who believes that tactics are definitive and objectives are irrelevant is retarded." In other words, the Marxist notion that the ends justify the means; the whole concept upon which Political Correctness is based. In reality, objectives and tactics are inter-related. An ideology based in truth doesn't employ the same tactics as ideologies based in falsehoods because truth is power.

      "I am not a free speech advocate." he further spouts off, displaying his true colors once again, "I advocate silencing everyone who advocates social justice."

        This is why Conservative leaders need to denounce these people with the same vigor that we denounce the Left. These are not pro-Americans; in fact, many of their leaders live outside the US and others here are financed and supported by foreign interests. The Alt-Right is not a Nativist movement and never has been. They are no more representative of Americanism than Soros-funded front-groups on the Left. Both attract the scum of society; the disaffected and alienated and use them for their own purposes. 

      Oath Keepers, in contrast, states on its Membership application form: "Become part of a nationwide network of dedicated patriots, including many recent combat veterans and veteran street cops who are sincere Peace Officers and together we will spread the message about loyalty to the Constitution under our oaths; and help our communities become united, strong, and prepared." The Oath Keepers only accept current and former military or first-responder personnel as Regular Members, although there are membership plans available for other supporters.

      If readers would like to learn more, we've added Oath Keepers to our Links section.



  1. Vox Day is just a small minded bully and a coward. He's always doxxing people while also running to tattle to law enforcement about how he is allegedly being "harassed."

    Oath Keepers, sounds interesting. I like to collect examples of men, often ordinary unsung heroes, being, well being themselves. It makes my world a much nicer place. At least we haven't all lost our minds.

  2. Thank you---yeah, Vox did this to John Scalzi recently too. After subjecting Scalzi to a month or so of petty harassment, Vox ran squawking to Amazon about TOU violations because some Scalzi supporter left negative comments on Vox' review page.

    The Oath Keepers' link has updates of their activities. I best remember them from the Ferguson Riots when they bussed in volunteers to guard stores and businesses from looters.