Thursday, May 4, 2017


    For all the 'America First' rhetoric coming out of the so-called Alt-Right, it seems very few eschew Anti-Americanism promoted by radical foreign ideologues. Men like Vox Day, call for violence in the American streets; overthrowing Church and Constitution; race-war and violence against women from the safety of foreign shores.

     Now it is revealed that others have been assembling in Budapest, Hungary under the patronage of multi-millionaire European extremists. American Red Pill leaders Paul Ray Ramsey, (ramzpaul), Matt Forney, and Richard Spencer are all tied to this group: identified by Hungarian journalist Andreas Goellner of the Hungarian Free Press. Their conventicle is in the hills overlooking the Budapest Bridge.

      At the axis of this gang is one Daniel Friberg, a Swedish expatriate who founded along with neo-Nazi Richard Spencer and international incendiaries Tor Westman and Jason Reza Jorjani---all rabid anti-Semites. Spencer has since been evicted from Hungary as an undesirable alien, and disavowed by President Trump after leading a group giving the President Nazi salutes. According to Goellner, Forney was in Spencer's entourage that night.

       Friberg seems to be the evil genius behind funding this movement---the George Soros of the anti-American Right. Friberg is the heir of the Wiking Mineral Company fortune and packed the corporation's board with outright neo-Nazis while serving as CEO. His youth was spent as a Skinhead and he spent time in a Swedish prison for weapons violations. Since then, he has polished the image of the Neo-Nazi movement, setting up fake publishing houses and think-tanks.

         At a February rally in Stockholm---attended by many American Red Pills--- Friberg boasted that a "momentous alliance was formed between the European New Right and the American Alt-Right...I believe that it is time to bring these single qualities together under one umbrella."

         Multimillionaire British radical Jim Dowson also joined Friberg in Budapest, bringing disgraced British politician Nick Griffin in tow. Dowson was under suspicion in the UK of alleged ties to global terrorists. Dowson is well-known to Hungarian authorities as well; giving material aid to Neo-Nazi groups active in that country. The British Daily Mirror reported that Dowson was seen on the Turkish-Bulgarian border supplying equipment of unknown origin to a Bulgarian anti-immigrant paramilitary group.

          Ramsey and Forney are being given a platform with this foreign money and promoting foreign ideology in the process. Friberg, by his own admission, has adopted the Marxist strategy of Metapolitics, as he himself describes it: "a war of social transformation, fought on the level of worldview, thought, and culture...It is about the view that you can't change politics at the ballot-box, you have to change the culture."

         Is this a traditional American concept? No---it is completely European. And so with the other anti-American ideals that Ramsey and Forney promote: anti-Semitism; the enslavement of women; creating ethno-states; racial purity---none of these are remotely American concepts but came out of the ideological sewers of the Europe that our forefathers fled. The fact that Ramsey and Forney have to sneak about in foreign capitals to meet secretly and discuss changing the culture through undemocratic processes illustrates just how un-American these two 'Alphas' really are. What Friberg is actually describing---and these two faux-patriots endorsing---is cultural infiltration. As far as most Americans should be concerned, he keep his cultural rot over in Sweden. We neither need nor want it here.

                                 Traitors Forney and Ramsey Meeting in Budapest  




  1. Thank you. Follow the money, for sure.

    One thing feminists, marxists, red pills, anarchists, all have in common is a real dislike of America, dislike of tradition, marriage, family,and the church. Especially the church.

    Those are kind of the foundations of our country, who we are, our strengths. Exploiting people's resentment, frustration, is a real easy way to create more followers, followers who are too stupid to realize they're just useful idiots in a cause they don't even understand.

    1. J. Edgar Hoover always said: 'Follow the money trail' because crooks rarely do each other favors.

      The funny part of this article was that Forney exposed himself. He's so arrogant and thin-skinned that when a small Leftist Hungarian tabloid criticized his presence in Hungary, he wrote outraged blog-posts about it; then it was just a matter of following links and information on some of the foreign nationals that Forney mentioned. These guys' egos are always their undoing---speaking of which, we'll have an update soon on the lawsuit against Andrew Anglin and 'The Daily Stormer'.

  2. I remember Forney years ago admitting, without a shred of irony and sarcasm, that he is a phony.

    When he was first active on the blogosphere he went under the nom-de-plume "Ferdinand Bardamu" which was a clue about his literary interests. His content was that of an edgy twentysomething nihilist.

    His content post-reveal hasn't changed much besides being more forthcoming about how exploitative he is of his audience.

    1. That doesn't surprise me. Some of the older MRAs like the ones at 'A Voice for Men' have said that Forney's a fraud and want nothing to do with him. Ramsey comes across as a snake-oil peddler too.