Wednesday, May 3, 2017


    With all the unsavoriness flowing out of Left-Wing potty-mouths, it is refreshing and heartening to see good women doing good things. 1980s actress Pamela Anderson presented our First Lady with a new fur coat this weekend and the gift has an interesting back-story.

     The coat is actually faux-fur; and Miss Pamela, who is both a Trump supporter and anti-fur proponent presented Melania with the gift for not using real fur at the Inauguration. The coat was manufactured in Russia by Only Me, one of the world leaders in faux-fur technologies.

      Russia was formerly the world leader in the fur industry until Soviet mismanagement wrecked that entire economy. Bolshevik and Communist leaders associated wearing fur with Western decadence and suppressed the fur trade---upon which many poorer Eastern Russians depended for their livelihood. The unemployed furriers, unable to make ends meet in the Soviet welfare system, turned to selling furs on the Black Market, which led to over-hunting and the near and actual extinction of valuable indigenous Russian furbearers like the sable, the Siberian timberwolf,  lynxes, and various sub-species of exotic foxes.

     Since the fall of the USSR, the Russian fur industry has come back strong---though owing to shortages of real fur, they've turned their technology to faux-furs which are virtually indistinguishable from the genuine article. It's said that the newest Russian faux-furs are so like the real thing that only an expert can tell the difference, upon close inspection.

     Pamela Anderson herself designed the coat presented to Melania.

    Mrs. Trump sent the following letter to Miss Anderson:

     "Dear Pamela,

             "I very much appreciate your sending the beautiful eco-faux fur coat from Only Me.

            "I am grateful for your support and encouraging words, they mean a great deal. Together, we can empower more women to stand up for their beliefs.

              "Thank you again for your thoughtful note and gift. God bless you and your family.

               "Yours, Melania Trump."

     To which Miss Anderson replied:

                "Dear Melania,

                 "Thank you for your sweet note. It is heartwarming to see you manage your position with such beauty and grace.----Pamela."

       No doubt choking back their bile, even the arch-Liberals at PETA were obliged to publish the exchange and story.

        What a refreshing change though from the angry and bitter feminists we've suffered through for the last 30 or so years.


  1. That was fun to read, thank you. It really is nice to see some women who aren't angry all the time. Also, I had no idea Russia was now in the faux fur business! Interesting.

    1. You're welcome! It's good to see women like these setting real examples.