Tuesday, May 30, 2017


    If anyone is still feeling sorry that Clinton lost the election, this story should disillusion them. An inventory audit of the US Department of Veterans' Affair uncovered information that massive quantities of prescription narcotics have been stolen during the entire Obama Administration.

     The audit revealed that in 2016 alone, there were nearly 3,000 reported cases of stolen drugs at VA dispensaries, compared to less than 300 during President Bush's final year, 2008. A shamefaced VA spokesman told the Corporate Media today that 108 VA personnel have been referred to the Inspector General for criminal investigations. In February, the Trump Administration ordered mandatory drug testing for VA employees, but the negative results are leading investigators to suspect that the drugs were probably sold on the Black Market.

     The majority of missing drugs were Opioids. According to one source, the number of Opioid prescriptions in the VA increased about 600% during Obama's tenure. The VA did not disclose what quantity of drugs were actually missing.

     In 2015, the Obama Administration banned federal agencies from requiring that prospective employees disclose prior felony convictions. Prior to the ban, he'd ordered agencies not to discriminate against ex-felons. The VA became notorious for hiring ex-convicts. In 2016, for example, VA employee and ex-convict Jorge Camacho was gunned down by drug-dealers on a city street, a case which led Senator Jeff Flake to propose legislation to purge the VA of convicted criminals.

     In February of this year, three employees at the Little Rock VA Facility were arrested for stealing Oxycodone and Opioids for sale on the street during a sting operation. The current investigation was triggered after five Miami-area hospitals discovered in April that so much Fentanyl had been stolen that veterans were unable to fill prescriptions.

     And in the midst of all of this, Media perverts like fake-comedian Kathy Griffin are getting applause from other Liberal degenerates making sick photos of guillotining President Trump. That's the big story in the American news today: not the fact that Trump is trying to stop drug-traffickers within the Federal Government from preying on veterans. We suppose it can be deduced from that, what kind of people the Corporate Media prefers in positions of authority.


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