Tuesday, May 2, 2017


     Many Conservatives have been frustrated over RINO obstruction repealing Obamacare. But as we reported last month, Trump's Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price has been 'draining the swamp' on Obamacare fraudsters at a remarkable rate. With us all feeling discouraged over RINO Ryan's budget, we felt it was time for an update. Here's Secretary Price's achievements for April---which by the way, exceeded his record for March:

     Kansas City: chiropractor agrees to pay $1 million to settle false Medicare claims.

      Providence: Poplar Healthcare agrees to pay $900,000 in restitution for overbilling diagnostic tests.

     Berkeley: Quest Diagnostics pays $6 million fine for bribing doctors to perform needless tests.

     Indiana: Indiana University and Health Net forced to pay $18 million in fines for kickbacks.

      Tampa: Pharmacist sentenced to 5 years for conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud.

      Seattle: Pacific Pulmonary Services agrees to pay $12 million in fines for multiple violations of the False Claims Act.

      Sacramento: Walgreen's Pharmacy agreed to pay $10 million in restitution for double-billing the Federal and California State governments.

      Encino: Dermatology Clinic forced to pay $3 million fine for ordering unnecessary skin graft surgeries.

      Pittsburgh: Doctor arrested for ordering Oxycodone, billing the government, and then selling the drugs on the Black Market.

      Dallas: A Hospice Network pays $19 million fine for multiple violations of False Claims Act.

     Detroit: Podiatrist arrested for billing the government $14 million in surgeries that were never performed.

     Houston: Two home-care providers arrested for $24 million in Medicare Fraud.

     Boston: Adoption Counselor at Tufts Health arrested for stealing identities of 3,000 customers and selling them on the Black Market.

     Washington DC: doctor arrested in $2 million Medicare fraud sting operation.

     Charleston: Speech pathologist arrested for filing false claims under fraudulent identities.

      Oklahoma City: Norman Regional Healthcare forced to pay $2 million in restitution for fraud.

       Louisiana: doctor jailed for selling drugs on the Black Market, threatening law enforcement, and fraud.

     Portland: CEO of Gresham Medical Practice was sentenced to prison for false billing and tax evasion.

     St. Louis: Six people arrested for billing Medicare for homecare that never existed and using the money for cruises, gambling junkets, etc.

     Meanwhile, the Corporate Media is not only ignoring all these success-stories, they're actually interviewing ex-President Obama boasting about what a 'fool-proof system' he created! In the First 100 Days, Price has probably saved US taxpayers around $1 billion just from breaking up fraud rings and forcing medical institutions to pay back what they've stolen.

    But what else would we expect from the Corporate Media? Big Pharma spends nearly $5 billion annually on bribing the Corporate Media to stay silent via advertising dollars. They also spend about $4 billion in political lobbying to insure that RINOs like Paul Ryan keep such programs in place. And that's in addition to the nearly $3 billion that the Insurance Cartels spend. That's more than the estimated $8 billion that Big Pharma spends on researching and developing new medications---and even much of that amount is subsidized by the Government.

    Swamp Draining really works. Just ask Tom Price, because Big Media certainly won't.


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