Wednesday, May 24, 2017


    President Trump and his family arrived in the Vatican today for some much-needed spiritual refreshment after a week in the sewers of Riyadh and Tel Aviv. Melania again shone, wowing the European Press. The First Lady was truly in her element here---as a daughter of Europe she related to the public well. Pope Francis was so charmed that he had the Vatican chefs prepare a traditional dinner from Melania's native Slovenia and presented her with a specially-blessed Rosary. Melania also made a pilgrimage to the Vatican's most famous children's hospital.

     The meeting between President and Pope went well. Francis released a press communique afterwards stating that the Pope felt "satisfied that good, bilateral relations exist between the Holy See and the United States of America; and that we have a joint commitment in favor of life, and freedom of worship and conscience." The exact nature of the discussions were not revealed, but in an especially poignant moment, the President shook hands with Francis while departing and was overheard saying, "Thank you, and thank you again. I shall never forget what you said."

      It was really a picture of how many of us have longed to see the White House again. But then the Reality struck. The fake Conservatives and Red Pill Cultists on the Alt-Right showed their true colors again; and were as busy as termites undermining the values for which the Holy See and America stand.

      First, there was this.  Red Pill Cultist Vox Day writing paeans of praise to Anders Breivik; and inciting (from the safety of his villa in Italy) his disciples to commit violence on American streets in a similar fashion. Then there was this. The day before Trump's meeting and the day after the Manchester bombing, the Red Pill Cults commemorated the anniversary of the Isla Vista Mass Murders; blasphemously calling Elliot Roger a saint and a martyr.

      The commenters had some salient remarks about the Manchester Bombing. These are typical of the sentiments of the fringe-Right whom Conservative and Christian leaders prefer to deny exist.

      The Red Pill blog The Daily Stormer had a headline lamenting "Trump Meets the Evil Pope Queer." Catholic-hating radio host John B. Wells repeated slanders against the Church in general; accusing them of idolatry and inability to assimilate into American Culture.

      Our enemies are not all on the Left. One real Conservative Christian leader knows this and addressed this subject last week at a graduation ceremony for prospective priests at St. Charles Borremeo Seminary. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito told seminarians:

      "What should we then do? My faith gives me an answer. It would be terrible to think that life has no meaning, that we are going nowhere, and that what we do until we die is a matter of indifference. That is what tortures so many today.

       "Faith is instilled by the family, and there is nothing more important to us than families. Religious freedom is one of the most fundamental rights in the United States. Our Founding Fathers saw a vital connection between faith and the character needed for republican self-government. What the Founders understood more than 200 years ago is just as true today; though there is much cause for concern at the present time."

      The Neo-Pagan, New-Age cultish Alt-Right denies faith, family, and freedom and makes heroes out of common street-thugs and mass-killers. Justice Alito is right: without the values that the Far Right seeks to destroy, we become no better than a Leftist, atheistic society without any meaning other than destruction for its own sake.




  1. That's a bunch of really ugly stuff. It reminds me of when a prominent Catholic pundit made this comment when someone or another died (I really don't remember who) "they hoped the person was rotting in hell." It actually made me gasp. A complete perversion of the virtue of Hope.

    1. Thank you---yes, it is a serious problem that too few Conservative and Christian leaders really grasp. The long-term issue is that, with Conservative silence about the Radical Right, it allows both them and the Liberal Democrats to triangulate against us. The Cultural Fascists like those in the article have made it clear that they intend to hijack the Republican Party just like the Cultural Marxists did to the Democratic Party in 1968.

  2. Can you link to the John B. Wells show where he made these comments? I have a pretty sensitive radar for anti-Catholic rhetoric, and when I listened to him interview Fr. Paul Kramer a couple of years ago I thought he was very respectful toward the Church. I know that you wouldn't say something like this lightly and without reason, but I would like to hear it anyway since I have been, up until this point, a fan of Wells.

    1. Hi---here it is:

      Starting at about 22:00. I used to like Wells too, but he's been going off the deep end lately. Last week he quoted Roosh Valizdeh and 'Return of Kings' as a news source.

  3. Also, following up from our brief discussion about Notre Dame on a previous thread:

    With respect to the following:

    ...slanders against the Church in general; accusing them of idolatry and inability to assimilate into American Culture.

    This was exactly the prejudice blue-collar immigrant Catholics were facing in the New World when Knute Rockne's teams took to Cartier Field nearly a century ago, stunning the American WASP establishment. Soon thereafter the sons (law, medicine, accounting, teaching) and daughters (teaching and nursing) of these Catholic immigrants began the trek to upward mobility via entry into the professions.

    So here we are, a century later, back at square one. I guess President Kennedy really was a fluke.