Friday, May 26, 2017


    Eric Clanton, Professor of Philosophy at Diablo Valley College, was arrested in Oakland this morning and is being held on $200,000 bond for a series of attacks carried out during the Berkeley riots last April. According to police sources, Professor Clanton is charged with three counts of Assault with a Deadly Weapon and one count of Assault with Injury.

     Clanton was seen on video and social media as a masked Antifa thug wielding a home-made sap and hitting Trump supporters during the riot. The police say that Clanton was behind "several violent attacks" that left three people injured.

     If there ever was a poster-boy for draining the swamp that is American Academia, Professor Eric Clanton is him. Diablo Valley College takes tuition at $1200 a head (in-state) and rakes in millions in taxpayer largesse so that Anarchist thugs like Clanton can teach "Ethics, Critical Thinking, and Comparative Philosophy" and generate new radicals like himself.

       As for Diablo Valley College itself; Californians may well remember another scandal in which this institution of higher learning was involved. In 2007, the school was nearly shut down after 84 people there were arrested in connection with a grade-fixing scandal. Personnel inside the Admissions Office were caught altering transcripts in exchange for cash and sex. However, in spite of over 400 known false transcripts produced during a six-year period and 49 students and bureaucrats sent to jail, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges ruled that none of this was a sufficient level of corruption to cause DVC to lose accreditation.

      The question that should be being asked is: what purpose does an institution like DVC actually serve? Aside from a former congressman who graduated in the 1960s, DVC hasn't produced any alumni of any distinction in a field outside sports or celebrity venues.

      What we really need in the United States is a system for colleges and universities like the base-closure system in the military. There are a number of schools---like Diablo Valley College---that ought to be closed down for no other reason than that they are waste of taxpayer resources. The money wasted on a cesspool like this could be applied to much more deserving causes---and California has plenty such causes right now.

       As for Clanton himself, he is a product of UC-Bakersfield and San Francisco State: two other 'schools' that we might be better off without. Some Conservative activists claim that Clanton was also present during a 2016 Sacramento riot where seven people were stabbed.

         There's no hope for Making America Great Again without an educated public; and that will be impossible with scum like Clanton educating them. We need collectively to reform this system before it's too late.


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