Friday, May 12, 2017


      While the Corporate Media has been occupied in collective hysteria over the dismissal of FBI Director Comey, the Trump Administration announced today the conclusion of the largest gang crackdown in US history. In a six-week campaign, the Department of Homeland Security took nearly 1,400 Crips, Bloods, MS-13 and other dirtbags out of circulation.

      General John Kelly, DHS Secretary announced that "this operation targeted gang members and associates involved in transnational criminal activity including drug trafficking, weapons smuggling, human smuggling and sex trafficking, murder and racketeering."

      One has to wonder at this news: what exactly was the Obama Administration actually doing for the last eight years? This monumental operation took only six weeks to organize and execute. General Kelly goes on to describe what upstanding pillars of the community were taken in the dragnet:

       "Of the 1,378 total arrested, 1,098 were arrested on federal/state criminal charges including 21 individuals arrested on murder-related charges and 7 for rape and sexual assault charges. The remaining 280 were arrested on immigration violations. Of the total arrested, 933 were US citizens and 445 were foreign nationals."

      Kelly noted that some of those legal immigrants entered the country under Obama's DACA program.

       Among the contraband seized by authorities were 238 firearms, 50 pounds of cocaine, 34 pounds of methamphetamine, 7 pounds of heroin, 502 pounds of marijuana, and about a half million dollars in currency. The leaders of the Tango Orejon Gang in San Antonio were among gang chieftains taken into custody as were two narcotics distribution leaders of the Crips in Newark. In San Diego, 23 gang leaders running a network of American and Mexican streets were apprehended and their operation broken up.

      But the Corporate Media seems to have blacked out this entire story---even though it was publicized on the DHS website. Instead the public is being distracted with absurd conspiracy theories about the Comey firing. That includes Leftist wingnuts like Keith Olbermann, who was raving again yesterday that Trump is affecting a coup of some sort. Not a peep out of him though about the thousands of Scum who've been taken off the streets.



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