Sunday, May 7, 2017


     There was an interesting story that appeared in the social media this weekend. A Minnesota high-school student named Priscilla Samey went to Cambridge, Massachusetts after she was accepted to Harvard. She posted a photograph:

       To which she inscribed a caption: "Couldn't find a man to take me to prom, so I found a college that did."

        The Manosphere Red Pills, who aren't well-known for their sense of humor (but are notorious for their contempt for smart women), went off the deep-end over this rather fun Tweet. Vox Day, for example, referred to this as further 'proof' that "men aren't attracted to intelligence." Of course, Vox said nothing about Miss Priscilla's earlier postings thanking God for her acceptance into major universities. Instead, he rather implies this was the result of Affirmative Action.

       Priscilla Samey immigrated with her parents from Africa when she was 8 years old and states that she spoke no English then. She taught herself English, won regional school awards and finished at the top of her class.

      This doesn't, however, fit the Red Pill narrative. Vox has often written that education corrupts women. While it may be so that our dysfunctional schools do in fact corrupt young minds (regardless of gender); Vox argues that educating women at all only encourages women to rebel against men. In fact, he once praised the Taliban for shooting girls who went to school.

       There is, we should suppose, an element of jealousy in Vox' latest outburst. Although he imagines himself a great genius, the last few months have seen his attempts both to co-opt Wikipedia and to sabotage his rival John Scalzi go down in humiliating defeat. Polls for the annual science-fiction writers' Hugo Awards show Vox' works finishing behind 'None of the Above' for the 3rd straight year. None of which exactly speaks to superior intelligence or any other allegedly 'Alpha' qualities. And neither does taking an 18 year-old's Twitter post as evidence of some revolutionary truth about gender psychology.





  1. Weird and kind of a pathetic, isn't it? Here we've got a pretty girl, loves God, blessed to be in America, worked hard, now going to Harvard. That's wonderful, all good things, something to celebrate.

    Real men aren't intimidated or resentful of smart women at all. They know their own worth and value and feel secure in it. I know several guys married to very smart women and they tend to brag about it, claim they picked good genes to pass down to their children.

    Regardless, intelligence is highly over-rated, it's not morality, it's not common sense, and being smart simply enables you to think up new and inventive ways to be wrong. :)

    1. Intelligent and (properly)educated women tend to have better relationship skills in general. The Red Pills won't admit it, but they really seem to believe that female chattel-slavery is the ideal. They feel threatened by the slightest power women have to the point where many of them advocate sexbots and artificial wombs to take female will out of the equation altogether.

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    1. I was thinking the same thing. But if she stayed sane growing up around Minneapolis, she can probably handle the toxic culture at Cambridge!

  3. As much as I hate VD, I side with him on this one. Look at all the Ivies that were lining up to accept her; she'll amount to little more than another SJW diversity trophy. Granted, having that status can get you all the way to the White House, but she's not exactly going to help the USA right itself.

    1. Well, I also doubt that many native-born White males got the same offers. And I agree too that Harvard isn't what it used to be. My issue with Vox was how he spun the story to make it sound like men rejected her for her intelligence. Actually, she skipped her prom to go to Boston and was making a joke with her friends about it. Shows that she has a sense of humor along with her other good qualities. It also wasn't very 'Alpha' of Vox to do that.