Tuesday, May 9, 2017


     On Sunday, France elected a new president---a mainstream Conservative by French standards---by nearly a two-to-one margin over a Right-Wing candidate. Emmanuel Macron's victory would normally be interpreted as a positive development. Macron was denounced and protested by the radical Left and Antifa, who are currently carrying on with a 'Not My President' movement and Macron Derangement Syndrome of their own. The fact that both finalists for the French Presidency represented varying degrees of the Right shows that France is still a strongly traditionalist country and has finally rejected corrosive Cultural Marxism.

      The US Corporate Media, however, is trying to spin this as a rejection of Trump-style populism---even though both in character and policy Macron is probably closer to Trump than Le Pen was. Both are wealthy businessmen who became president with no political experience; both had a broad appeal to the national working class; and both have a deep nationalist orientation. Macron gave a very Trump-like Acceptance Speech, stressing that national unity and healing must be a top priority; that the forgotten of France would be forgotten no more; and pledges to uphold law and order and to 'drain the swamp'.

        The main difference between Macron and Le Pen really centered on France's future as a member of the European Union. Macron is a staunch supporter of the EU; and some pundits have concluded from this that he opposes French sovereignty. This remains to be seen; but Macron's victory gives France considerable leverage in the EU---if Macron seizes the opportunity and takes political advantage of it. The EU is dominated by Germany; but the potential that France might withdraw from the Union sent a wake-up call throughout Europe that France can't be taken for granted. Even German officials were forced to admit that BREXIT was survivable; but FREXIT would end the EU. Germany could push France around with the weak Hollande in power; but Macron may not be so easily handled.

         Macron also has the advantage of a huge plurality of French citizens who favor FREXIT, so too much German bullying could easily get him to change course and bring the whole EU infrastructure. Thus, he has Germany over a barrel and since BREXIT, the Reich can't use Britain any longer to triangulate on France. If anyone doubts that France would do this, recall that President De Gaulle once withdrew France from NATO when he was fed up with American over-reaching. In spite of all its problems, France is still a world power.

          What damaged Le Pen more than anything was her party's connections to foreign interests---something that the American Far-Right has also been implicated doing. Le Pen's party was tied to other parties in other countries; which calls into question just how much it really represents the interests of France. And Le Pen had plenty of support from the Red Pill/Alt-Right factions who were quick to denounce Macron as a cuckservative and a racial traitor.

         Paul Ramsey: "France is like an SWJ girl who goes to Syria to combat 'Islamophobia' and ends up getting raped. At a certain point you just don't care."

         Florian: "It's not just the obvious fact that Democracy is fruitless, but that the people are fools. You cannot trust them to make change."

         Vox Day: "Macron will fail miserably of course, which is why I expect the National Front to come to power in the next election cycle."

         Mike Cernovich: "The board is set; Europe will have violent civil war."

          Andrew Anglin: "Macron's stunning victory no doubt confirms in the minds of Jews their most ardent belief: that the Goyim like being ruled over by them."

         Based Stickman: "We've hit a ceiling with nationalism and democracy. The question is whether an extra-democratic resistance forms next, or whether the West dies silently."

          White Millennial: "Don't be under the illusion that voting will save us. France is a time-bomb; the floodgates of Islamic terror remain open."

            Sargon of Akkad: "France was the last chance and they decided to cuck for the Rothschilds."

            Don't be THOSE guys. Democracy works and France is safe: in much better hands under Macron than under Hollande, certainly.

             President Trump congratulated Macron on his victory and plans to meet with him at the upcoming NATO Summit this month.


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