Saturday, May 27, 2017


     After a week of celebrating mass-murderers Anders Breivik and Eliot Roger, the Red Pill Cult seem to have inspired another multiple homicide in Oregon. Jeremy Christian, a thug with a lengthy and violent criminal record, killed two people on the Portland PDX and injured a third.

     Like many other Manosphere 'heroes', Christian was terrorizing a pair of young Moslem women when three real men intervened. Christian pulled a knife and cut the throats of two of the men and stabbing the other. The suspect is a notorious local White Supremacist and has attended rallies of such types headed by Joey Gibson (bosom-buddy of Red Pills Nathan Damigo and Kyle 'Based Stickman' Chapman) and Red Pill Jack Donovan.

     Red Pill leader Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer justified the murder saying of the victims, "Maybe they should have minded their own business, huh? The type of person who would white-knight for a haji woman is probably the worst type of person of all."

     Yeah, like the thousands of Syrian men who've died defending their women from Jihadi thugs, we suppose. Anglin goes on to lament:

      "We are being slaughtered by these people and it's surprising that this kind of thing doesn't happen more often."

      Readers are free to add contradictory research, but so far we've failed to find one case of a Jihadi attack on American soil carried out by teenaged Moslem girls. Most American Jihadis are young men radicalized in the American Public School system---not unlike the average Red Pill.

      Note though the innuendo in Anglin's phrasing: he's again baiting his disciples to emulate Christian's example. Like some Feminist complaining "Where have the real men gone," Anglin is trolling for 'heroes' to step up to the plate. For emphasis he adds: "No time in history have we ever seen a situation like we have now: a situation where we are told that we have to be kind to an invading army that is slaughtering us in the streets!"

      More accurately, it would the first time in history that an "invading army" have arrived with Immigrant and Refugee Visas and fought a war mostly by starting small businesses and ethnic community centers. And as far as slaughtering us in the streets let us gain some perspective here. According to FBI statistics, 0.03% of US homicides are committed by Jihadi terrorists. And as of last year, more Americans died of narcotic overdoses than by homicide.

        So who's slaughtering who in the streets? One of Anglin's disciples just killed two in Portland. So far, readers of his site have been tied to 13 murders.

        Despite his surname, Jeremy Christian shares the Red Pill contempt for traditional religion. He recently posted: "I hate Monotheists who are destroying the world over their interpretation of some Semitic fake Christians preach hate."

        And here are a few specimens of the Red Pill Cult's moral code, commenting on the murders:

Steelpalm: "Excellent. Maybe more of these SJW do-gooders will think twice before throwing in their lot with the Moslems. I love how the descriptor 'racist' is the most damaging thing they can write about the guy."

Pugkommander: "About the idiot men who 'defended' the women: did you expect a sex reward? You got rewarded with the grave. For very White Knight, there will be a White Trooper."

Dax: "Two collaborators down and one injured: what's not to like?"

Anonymous: "Jeremy Joseph Christian, an anti-Mudslime, killed two cucks and injured another for trying to stifle his free speech."

Oreg: "Free Speech activist attacked by multiple assailants and defends himself---and is arrested? Jeremy Christian is a hero. If only we had 10,000 more just like him."

     If we Conservatives don't want scum like these running our cause, we need to start seeing a few of our leaders speaking out.    


  1. Well, there doesn't seem to a shortage of psychos.

    I think inciting murder breaks some sort of law. With any luck the relatives will sue some of the more prominent RED PILL bloggers.

    1. The SPLC recently filed a lawsuit against Anglin and 'The Daily Stormer' in connection with a harassment campaign against a Jewish woman and her family. Usually I don't have much use for Liberal lawyers, but I really wish them success in this case.

      The problem with the legal aspect in general is proving intent and causal connection. Essentially prosecutors would have to prove something like Conspiracy to make it stick. Legally, it's not like 'yelling fire in a crowded theater'; it's more like standing outside the theater and encouraging others to yell it.