Saturday, May 20, 2017


     As the Syrian Army today buried six more soldiers murdered in cold blood by the US military, some interesting discussions arose on various discussions about Allied reaction (or lack thereof) to this latest affront. Specifically Russian response. Foreign Minister Lavrov denounced the attack, as per usual; but the Kremlin has announced no action so far.

      Russia is the dominant power in the Alliance by far. The world is looking to Putin for leadership, which---while effective against ISIS---is increasingly being seen as weak in the face of Western aggression. This was made even more clear today as Washington signed a nine-figure arms deal with the Saudis; in spite of the fact that Saudi Arabia is State Sponsor of Terrorism that ethnically cleanses Christians in Yemen. The Saudi Deep State is intertwined with our own and made up of the same kinds of people.

      Putin has stood tall as the defender of Christians in the Middle East---a position that the West forfeited long ago. In fact, Western Liberalism is as great a threat to the Middle East as Wahhabi Jihadi movements. This is why perverts like John Kerry and Rex Tillerson can work so well with Wahhabi fanatics like the Saudi Royal family. Their mutual hatred of faith, family, and freedom, and their mutually degenerate characters make them natural confederates.

      The issue here is though whether or not Russia's pacifistic policy is enabling the Deep State thugs to continue undermining world peace. The US was in a similar situation a century ago. President Wilson was a Christian gentleman, opposed to military intervention, but supporting the victims of Imperial aggression in Europe. The German Kaiser and the Central Powers took Wilson as a weakling and provoked the US with numerous outrages---violating the Monroe Doctrine; sinking and detaining American civilian ships; intriguing with Mexico; planting spies and fomenting dissent inside the US. Wilson responded as Putin is now doing---launching formal protests, assisting the Allies, etc. The Central Powers were only emboldened to provoke the Americans even more until, in 1917, Wilson backed up his words with actions and our military chastised the arrogant Kaiser with a blow from which his government never recovered.

       Putin needs to consider Wilson's example. The US didn't want to enter WW1, the Germans drove us to it. We also tolerated Japanese aggression until they finally bombed Pearl Harbor, and so we entered WW2. Since 1945, global geopolitics has shifted and today it is the American Deep State waging aggressive wars and Russia among the countries standing for Civilization. Russia must act.

       It is understandable that Russia should attempt to avoid WW3. What the Russian Government seems unwilling to recognize is that the war is already on. Their Allies are being bombed, shot, and occupied. The West is planting troops on the Russian border and ships near Russian waters. A Russian show of force might start WW3. But Western aggression is going to continue regardless of whether Russia reacts or not.

       The gauntlet has been thrown and Russia can't pretend it didn't happen. Either Russia is the defender of Syria or it's not. It's time for deeds and not words. 


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