Wednesday, May 10, 2017


     Robert Fisher, a New Hampshire legislator who was recently exposed a ringleader of the vile Red Pill Sub-Reddit, is in trouble again. Since our last story on Fisher the New Hampshire Legislature has opened a bipartisan inquest into Fisher's activities which could potentially lead to his impeachment or official censure.

      Fisher was exposed as the notorious 'pk_atheist', a Red Pill gadfly and founder of The Red Pill Sub-Reddit. TRP is one of the worst of the Cult's websites---advocating violence against women and male supremacy. Fisher argued both to the NH Legislature and in media interviews that he had formerly made some "injudicious' comments about women in the past, influenced by some bad experiences. He stated that in 2013, he turned over control of TRP to another fanatic called 'redpillschool'. This new administrator set up some new websites and was active in the Gamergate campaign of harassment and trolling. Fisher testified that he no longer holds the views of the Red Pill Cult.

       Fisher is also squawking that he is the victim of a witch-hunt and fake-news. "You're looking to drag my name through the dirt." he huffed to local media recently, and vowed that he would be exonerated before the Legislature.

      Unfortunately for Fisher, however, further investigative reporting reveals that 'pk_atheist' and 'redpillschool' are one and the same person. And that person happens to be Robert Fisher.

       "This suggests that Fisher fabricated a passing of the torch; and indicates that as 'redpillschool' he has maintained control of the forum for the last four years, growing its followers to over 200,000, and dedicating 80 hours per week to the forum's upkeep." wrote Bonnie Bacarisse, whose research has now exposed Fisher twice.

        Redpillschool has a track-record of even more injudicious comments than pk_atheist. If Fisher's views have really changed, they've become more---not less---radical than before. Rape fantasies figures largely into his writing: he once did a series All Women Lie About Rape. 

         "Every woman wants to be attractive enough to be raped." he opines, though he doesn't explain why so many elderly women and little girls are also rape victims. "It's like the pinnacle of male desire when he can't stop no matter what."

         Fisher also denies that married women have a right to refuse sex and argues that women haven't the intellectual capacity of men. As recently as this weekend, he wrote praises to himself under his pseudonym for his fortitude in resisting "female vitriol".

          When reading of Fisher's behavior, it must be remembered that fanatics do not operate by normal moral logic. To their minds, the ends always justify the means and adherence to ethical standards is a sign of weakness and inferiority. Thus such a character feels no shame in lying in front of the State Legislature if it answers the agenda of his cult. However, this new revelation is likely to bring Fisher face-to-face with reality when the Legislature convenes next week to decide his fate.

         Luckily for the women residing in Fisher's district, New Hampshire is a strong 2nd Amendment state. With such predatory figures as Fisher running loose, it might not hurt to invest in some self-defense in case he or his disciples decide to put some of their theories into actual practice.


  1. Good to see something resembling exposure and justice going on. That is encouraging.

    1. Thank you---yes it is encouraging and it shows that when community leaders stand up to these people it gets results. We on the Internet can expose them and dissuade others from being taken in by the Red Pills; but Conservative leaders of standing can do remarkable things. For example, in this case, when Governor Sununu spoke out against Fisher, the Legislature was prompted to action.

      We've seen earlier good results when Trump denounced Richard Spencer it really ended a lot of Red Pill grandstanding in Trump's name. Also, when Zinke stood up to Andrew Anglin, it broke up a harassment campaign and probably also emboldened Anglin's victims to take legal action. Now, if we could only get religious leaders like Doug Wilson to say something...