Sunday, May 28, 2017


     Occasionally, there are stories that restore one's faith in humanity. Many negative things have happened in Portland, Oregon recently. The knife attack on the PDX made global headlines and, at last report, the FBI has gotten involved. Certainly, there will be some updates forthcoming.

      The BBC reported today that the citizens of Portland have come together this Memorial Day weekend to honor the three men who defended two girls against violent Red Pill thug Jeremy Christian. Two of the men died and a third remains in the hospital. Christian pulled a knife on the three and cut their throats before briefly escaping and leading the police on a pursuit.

      The citizens of Portland have already raised $600,000 at various community events for the families of the three victims.

       Ricky Best, 54 years old, was married with three sons and a 12 year-old daughter. Best served in the US Army from 1987-2012, including tours in Afghanistan and Iraq. Best was a military equipment technician, and after his retirement, worked for the City of Portland in the Bureau of Development Services (the agency responsible for issuing building permits and enforcing codes). In 2014, he ran unsuccessfully for Clackamas County Commissioner. Best was killed at the scene of the attack.

       Talesin Meche, 23 years old, was a recent graduate of Reed College with a degree in Economics. He worked as intern at the Cadmus Group, a consulting firm. Meche was very popular and the subject of several memorials. He was a large, muscular fellow with a heavy beard, and friends stated to the press that Meche's heroism was not at all out of character for him. He was taken to the hospital after the attack, but died en route.

       Micah Fletcher, 21 years old, is the lone survivor of the attack, though the extent of his injuries are unknown. In spite of his age, Fletcher is already a published and award-winning poet. Fletcher attends Portland State University and works part-time at local pizza parlor. Fletcher is a small, sensitive-looking man, but his acquaintances say that he was known to be fearless in the defense of others.

       Three very different men, but real men nonetheless. Unlike the endless exhortations to be manly Alpha leaders (like Jeremiah Christian); no one had to tell Best, Meche, or Fletcher how to be men: they simply were. Good men doing good things, that is what we advocate. Sometimes doing the right thing ends like this, but men we understand that doing nothing is worse.

       Some of the Red Pills have suggested that these three were virtue-signaling busybodies who didn't realize the consequences of their actions. Anybody who's spent much time in Portland and seen the types of violent psychos wandering the city streets knows this to be a lie. Confronting one of these nuts could and often does carry the potential of violent results.

        And Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer, whom we referenced yesterday, denounced the three heroes as "Dead White Knights for Islam." He claims that Christian was the real hero who only acted in self-defense and was guilty of nothing more than "disturbing the peace."

      It's refreshing though to see this in Portland. It's proof that civilization isn't dead, even there.



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