Wednesday, May 17, 2017


    Robert Fisher, New Hampshire legislator exposed as the leader of the Red Pill Cult forum Red Pill Sub-Reddit agreed to resign from the NH House today. Fisher apparently made a deal with GOP officials because the House Committee voted 8-6 not to censure Fisher and he resigned immediately afterwards.

     Democrats, however, have moved that Fisher's case be reviewed by the State Attorney General for Perjury. So he's not off the hook yet; but at least he's away from the levers of political power.

      Fisher characteristically played the victim-card: "Unfortunately, the falsehoods, the lies, and comments of an overzealous blogger and some of my colleagues have created a situation where I must consider my safety and well-being." he huffed. Which is probably nothing compared to what the Red Pill Cult has done to others.

      While the Republicans did the right thing in forcing Fisher's resignation, they didn't handle this affair as forcefully as they should have. Governor Sununu basically had to push them to do anything at all; and even then the GOP played too many political games here. If they had simply sided with the Democrats and voted for Expulsion it would have achieved the same result and left them less open to criticism. The Republicans also insisted on voting to discipline a Democratic legislator who was nowhere nearly as bad as Fisher.

      Now the Democrats left themselves open to some criticism too; they focused too much on Fisher's offensive speech. What both parties really missed is that Fisher was a recognized leader of an online cult that radicalizes young men; and encourages violence against women and racism and many other anti-American activities. That would be bad enough; but Fisher infiltrated and used both parties to advance the cult's agenda; and then lied about his involvement once caught. This is not a partisan, or free-speech issue; Fisher was using the system to undermine it and possibly committed actual crimes in the process.

      The NH Republicans seemed far too eager simply to sweep the whole affair under the rug. One GOP official even praised Fisher for resigning 'for the good of the party.' This kind of denial is endemic among Conservative and Christian leaders. Democrats and Leftists are already accusing the GOP of being sympathetic to Fisher's views. The reality is that GOP leadership is too afraid to admit that extremists are infiltrating their ranks. But it needs to be done because it's doubtful that Fisher is the only Red Pill infiltrator running around out there.

      But at least Fisher has been exposed and is out of NH politics. And congratulations again to writer Bonnie Bacarisse who brought the activities of this fiend to light.


  1. "The reality is that GOP leadership is too afraid to admit that extremists are infiltrating their ranks."

    Well said. This is an issue that aggravates me no end because I spend a great deal of time advocating for faith, for traditional values, even for some "scary" aspects of conservatism (said with all good humor,) because those things make our families stronger, our communities better. So it is rather frustrating to be talking to liberals, feminists, democrats, and have them simply point to the one lunatic in the country actually hating on women, advocating for burkas, or perhaps a genuine white supremacist or puppy killer.

    Many leaders, politicians, even clergy, don't seem to understand that some of these people are very real. Pretending they are not, doesn't make them go away nor does it help to win hearts and minds. Everyone who wants to follow leadership unwilling to even police their own extremists, raise their hands.

    On the bright side, there are some willing to do just that and I have been encouraged by some of Trump's leadership, too.

    1. The especially dangerous thing is that there are many vulnerable men with no one offering even to listen to them except the Red Pills. The Red Pills play on the natural fear men have of insignificance and lure them with 'secrets' that offer them power and respect. Then when Liberals denounce them and Conservatives refuse to stand up to them, it only confirms to the 'Lost Boys' that they are Alphas whom others loathe and fear.

      Notice how during this whole episode Fisher showed no respect for either party at all; nor even the slightest remorse for what he did. He'll probably be back as a hero to the Red Pills before long.

  2. The thing that interests me most about l'affaire Fisher is that none of the leading lights of the Manosphere seems to be rallying around his cause or doubling down ("Support the redpilling of the legislature!) Is it possible that they are tacitly admitting that they collectively have their pants around their ankles?

    1. The Red Pill leaders aren't well-known for supporting each other. They all want to be the Supreme Alpha, so they downfall of one benefits the others. They get along with each other sort of like gang leaders do.