Saturday, May 13, 2017


     It should be no secret to anyone who's seen the last three administration's mishandling of the US Military that the Pentagon is another Swamp in desperate need of draining. Our dumbed-down, politically-corrected schools and 'inclusive' lowered recruiting standards have been taking their toll.

      So General Mattis has begun a joint operation with British and Norwegian troops to "accustom Marines to fighting in the cold and snow". Apparently, until the Trump Administration nobody in the Pentagon thought that this might be a good idea.

      The first rotation in Norway has proven an embarrassing failure. First, European trainers had to lead the few, the out and proud because qualified American trainers were unavailable. The grueling three weeks in the cold and snow deeply traumatized the Millennial generation. The pajama-boys took their frustrations out on the USMC Evaluation Team.

     "That was an emotional experience for many people," Lt. Sean Gil, a platoon commander lamented to the Media, "The unit had just gotten off almost continuous field operations, suffering from certain shortcomings in the gear, and they felt like taking it out on the evaluators."

      "Imagine walking through subzero temperatures and having your pack break!" huffed Sgt. Troy Hauck, "We had to use parachute cord and duct tape to fix them! It was not fun!"

       Sgt. Nelson Avecedo fussed that 'Marines' boots often tore while trying to put on skis. "This could cause potential injury to the individual."

       And so, our brave men and women in uniform retreated to their 'safe spaces' under considerable hooting and ridicule from NATO allies. And they don't even have porn to console them anymore. Nobody can argue that the Pentagon doesn't have its priorities, at least.

           From this:

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             We've got a long way to go...



  1. LOL! Oh dear.

    On the more civilian side of things, I often worry about this disconnect from our environment that we seem to be cultivating. We're very comfortable, complacent, and often don't even think about what could happen if we got stranded or a car broke down. So, national defense is critical, but I'm grateful too that perhaps if the military leads by example, the message will get out and we won't have people dying in the wilderness simply because they got a flat tire.

    1. It is truly amazing how helpless the current generation is. I think that the Military used to teach self-reliance and there were also programs like scouting in schools. Like Clint Eastwood said in 'Heartbreak Ridge' to his troops when they'd complain: "Adapt, improvise, overcome." Our soldiers used to impress our allies during war by their innovation and initiative.

    2. It is truly amazing how helpless the current generation is

      Agenda cannot control a population that is self-sufficient, but you can control one that relies on the government for everything.

    3. Ah, yes...Agenda 21. That's another Clinton Legacy we're still recovering from.