Monday, May 8, 2017


    On the 8th of May, 1945, WW2 on the European Front came to a decisive end. Nazi forces surrendered unconditionally to the US, UK, France, and Russia and resistance forces fighting in several other countries. In the Pacific Theatre, the war would continue through the Summer; with American, Chinese, and British forces leading the fight.

     It's sad to realize that merely 2-3 generations later, most Ameroboobs are not only ignorant of WW2, but Naziism is actually making a comeback; attracting numerous radicalized and rootless young men. And it isn't simply Nazis or their variants; but Neo-Confederates, Anarchists, Communists, Jihadists---movements long thought dead and discredited---are gaining adherents as well. It is doubtful that at any time in American History have we seen so many anti-American movements on our soil at the same time.

     The Nazis and their modern imitators have an especial and dangerous appeal for alienated young men. The Nazi tells these men that they and others like them are intentionally kept down by a corrupt system. There is actually partial truth in that; but the Nazi goes on to argue they themselves are the real elite; entitled to even greater powers than the corrupt Establishment wields. The Jews, they claim, envy White men and seek to destroy them by empowering minorities and women and thus degrading the culture. The corrupt Elites secretly work for the Jews---although where the Jews get all this money is never quite explained; nor why countries with hundreds of times the military power of Israel should submit to a country the size of New Jersey. But people who ask questions don't make good Nazis, which is another reason that the Nazi hates freedom.

     In one fell swoop our hypothetical young man is thus transformed from an alienated, rootless youth to an Alpha Superman. Action for the sake of action; leadership through force and fear; the worship of success and force---all part of a Universal Brotherhood for which this young man now fights---replace ideals of law, liberty, morality, and religion; as FDR says above. Failures are excused as the fault of Jewish intrigue. They present to the young a rosy picture of the future:

     Of course, they leave out the fact that in actual Nazi-run countries, sweet-looking children like those in the picture were taught in school to do things like inform on their parents and friends; beat up old people; to spit on priests and rob non-Aryans, etc.  But that's beside the point to modern Nazis; because the important thing is that in their fantasies every stormtrooper is entitled to a pretty blonde wife; as Red Pill Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer explained yesterday:

      "The fact that women are sexually aroused by rape and abuse is exceptionally difficult for a lot of men to process...the reason that White men shame other White men is that they themselves are incapable of dealing with the fact that their women are not the princesses they imagine them to be...

       "All you have to do is look around you. In all likelihood, your own mother destroyed your life and the life of your father for no explainable reason. Your friends and family members have had their lives destroyed by women. You are told that 'somewhere out there' there are women who are different. You keep looking and you never find them...

      "Women do not have moral concepts or ideologies. These are masculine concepts and all philosophers understand this. Given that women do not possess their own beliefs, they adopt the beliefs of those whom they consider their physical protectors. So, in our modern situation, women adopt the beliefs of the State. The way we will get women into our movement is by getting girlfriends for the men already in the movement. Not by trying to cater an ideological movement to such the way to get women involved in our movement is very simple: create a movement of men who are desirable to women."

      And how would Anglin achieve this? Just loop back to his first quote: "women are sexually aroused by rape and abuse."

      The America of 1945 that the earlier Nazis sought to overthrow really looked a lot more like this:

       American men back then didn't rape and abuse their women; they bought homes and worked to provide for their families. And they put on uniforms and went to war to defend their families against people like the Nazis.

        Our Founding Fathers overthrew an arrogant aristocracy that presumed a birthright to rule over us as our lords and masters. They set up a system of laws where none need answer to a 'Master Race', a 'Supreme Leader', or 'The Party'. Granted, we haven't always been perfect, but our system is designed to make necessary reforms peacefully.

         Alienated young men---and there are lots today---need to understand this. There is no quick and easy way to reform: it takes effort; a belief in oneself, and Faith in God. Here was the effort Americans spent between 1941 and 1945 to defend the United States:

        407,316 killed or missing
        671,846 critically injured
        130,201 captured and usually tortured
          12,100 civilians killed incidental to the war.

         About 20% of American men were in the military during this period. Yes, things are difficult for men today, but we've come through hard times before, and we can again.





  1. You are dead on here, as usual. Neo-Nazism in all its forms is controlled opposition. I am frustrated to see many highly intelligent young Irishmen who are searching for an alternative to the Cultural Marxism that has engulfed my country and wish to save what's left of our ancient culture being pulled into this unwittingly. Underneath it all these men have the same mettle that a century ago birthed the Irish nation but it's muzzled because they have no direction, no leadership, no lense through which they can clearly see the enemy that assaults us.

    I've tried to engage a few of them but I can't get through. How do you solve the problem of the Useful Idiot?

    1. The problem is making Conservative and Christian leaders see the seriousness of the threat from the Far Right and start condemning it. 99% of the criticism of these types comes from the Left---which has nothing to offer men. It's going take some leaders of stature to start speaking out to really make a difference. Lost men will listen to other men whom they respect. Us outliers on the Internet can prevent a lot of men from drifting into the Far Right; but it takes people with greater standing than ours to change minds.

      The lack of leadership here also allows the Far Left and the Far Right to triangulate on Traditional Conservatives. Vox Day said recently that his followers should exploit any failures by Trump and Macron to achieve their goals as 'proof' that Conservatism is too weak and that only the Far Right can bring results.