Saturday, May 20, 2017


     President Trump headed off to his first foreign visit, with Rainbow Rex in tow. But a few hours before leaving, Pentagon forces launched an airstrike on a Syrian Army convoy destroying several tanks and trucks and damaging a missile launcher. Eight patriots were killed in the wanton slaughter and about an equal number were reported wounded.

      The perverts in the Pentagon admitted to the strike, claiming that the Syrians were operating in an area occupied by their own forces. The Corporate Media barely noticed the story: preferring instead to talk about Anthony Weiner. Weiner was romantically involved with a 15 year-old woman---this is worse than War Crimes in the Prozac Nation, even though many of our grandmothers were married and raising families at her age. The other important story was Bradley Manning showing off his/her new look. Nothing symbolizes the state of modern American more than Bradley Manning and Bruce Jenner.

       Attacking Syrian soldiers has become as passé as attacking Syrian civilians. 'Kill 'em all; let God sort 'em out' has become the American motto.

       To remind people of a few basic facts: One of Trump's Campaign promises was to end the illegal war in Syria and co-operate with the Allies in defeating Jihadist forces. And yes, this is an illegal war and both the previous Administration and the current Pentagon leadership are guilty of War Crimes.

        When a sovereign nation is attacked without provocation, this is an Act of War under International Law. When a sovereign nation places troops on another sovereign nation's soil against the legitimate government's will; this is an invasion and an Act of War. It is an Act of War to fire on troops of a legal government. It is an Act of War to embargo and blockade a sovereign nation militarily. It is an Act of War to support and materially aid guerrillas and irregular militias operating against a sovereign government.

         Whether the Ameroboobs want to acknowledge it or not, the US is at war with the Republic of Syria. More importantly, our own Constitution does not give the President authority to wage war without a Declaration of War. No such Declaration exists regarding Syria. And there is absolutely no Constitutional authority for gangsters-turned-generals like CENTCOM commander Joseph Votel to commit acts of war on his own authority.

          In 1946, the United Nations War Crimes Commission established four criteria establishing criminal conduct: Conspiracy to Wage Aggressive War; Waging Aggressive War; intentionally committing acts in violation of the Articles of War (War Crimes); intentionally inflicting harm on civilian populations (Crimes Against Humanity). American leaders have been guilty of all four in Syria.

         To the beer-swilling, pill-popping Ameroboob, all of this irrelevant. War has become a spectator sport in today's Trash Culture, which is why both Democrats and Republicans support it. That's why there is rarely any strategy for post-war policy. The whole idea is to win and then move on to the next opponent. Just like the concept of Sportsmanship long ago disappeared from American sport, so the concept of Professionalism has vanished from the military.

          The Trump Administration---and Conservatives in general---need to abandon this blind trust in the Pentagon and suspend any further military actions abroad until these thugs held over from Clinton-Bush-Obama can be removed. An earlier generation would have had scum like Votel court-martialed and shot and he still should be; so should several others.

         Geopolitics is not a game. The consequences of treating it like one can be horrendous and cultivating a thirst for revenge in (now) defenseless nations is like building a time-bomb that can go off when and where least expected (e.g. the 9-11 attacks). But Trash Culture is the credo of the Street Gang; bullying, arrogant, unrefined, uncivilized. Just remember, though, to what kind of end gangsters typically come and ask if this where America really wants to go.

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