Tuesday, May 23, 2017


      The BBC is reporting that the suspect in the Manchester Arena bombing is named Salman Abedi. Abedi was 22 years old, was born and raised in Manchester. His parents according the BBC were "of Libyan descent." Abedi is believed to have had connections to ISIS.

        The day before the bombing, Maryland police arrested 22 year-old Sean Urbanski for the racially-motivated murder of Army 2nd Lt. Richard Collins. Urbanski was from the Baltimore area and his parents are bureaucrats. Urbanski was a frequent visitor and contributor to Red Pill and Neo-Nazi blogs and websites.

        Last Thursday, 26 year-old Richard Rojas went berserk and drove his car at over 100 MPH into a crowd at New York's Times Square, killing one and injuring 22 others. Rojas was born in the Bronx and served time in the US Navy. Rojas was involved in the Scientology Cult and held several anti-Government conspiracy theories. By some reports, he was present at various anti-Trump demonstrations in New York and had previously been in jail for threatening to kill police.

         All of the suspects in these cases fit the same pattern we have observed in nearly all outbreaks of mass-violence. Alienated young males who have convinced themselves that Western Civilization has failed; and that by striking a violent blow against it, they may redeem their otherwise meaningless lives. They fall into extremist movements where their views are validated and reinforced until---in too many cases---it all ends in innocent people being harmed.

         Effete Postmodernism marginalizes men and denigrates masculinity. Abedi, Urbanski, and Rojas all had their characters formed in a social context wherein men are regarded as useless and expendable at best and as subhumans at worst. While men by their instinctual nature strive for significance through protecting and providing for society and family; they are rebuffed and rejected by a perverse Cultural Marxist Elite striving for androgyny and a debased version of social equality. 

        Into this vulnerable void of isolation and exclusion steps the Jihadi, the Red Pill/Alt-Right demagogue, the Communist, or the Anarchist. They tell the alienated young man that Western Civilization---faith, family, and freedom---have failed. But the man can be part of a new and better society that these visionaries are building. "There's a place for you here," they say. And the young man follows; because for probably the first time in his life, he is among others who accept him and who recognize his potential.

         What these men fail to understand is that all of these extremist movements advocate ideologies that play into the hands of his enemies. Most of these converts don't see this because the extremists give him a whole new batch of enemies: the Jew, the female nature, White Patriarchy, the Capitalist, the Infidel, and so on. And they add into the mix a strong sexual component: the Jihadists and the Red Pills believe in forcible rape and enslavement of women; the Communists and Anarchists offer no-strings-attached sexual libertinism. Unrestrained power and easy access to sex are antidotes---these men are told---to the false conventions of Civilized society where problems are solved through political processes, teamwork, and social responsibility.

        Western Civilization does not fail men: men built and maintained it for millennia. The failure has come about because apathy has enabled unscrupulous criminals and pathological neurotics to become cultural elites. Western Civilization doesn't need to be overthrown; it needs capable men to operate it again. That's how male radicalization will be stopped---when men take back their natural places in society---work to make it better, and stop seeking instant gratification and change without effort.




  1. Amen. Well said.

    1. Thank you. I'm glad that your site as well is addressing this issue. A radicalized male population never ends well for any culture.

    2. A radical male population eventually solves the problem of a skewed sex ratio; the only problem is there's no guarantee of surviving.

    3. Thank you---that's a good point. We have a badly skewed sex ratio in the United States which also contributes to the problem of alienated males.