Monday, May 1, 2017


     Does anybody remember when May Day in America looked like this:

     Yes, this holiday was once a time where children built May-Poles and girls performed a traditional dance. People exchanged May Baskets; there were May Day parades and usually department-store sales.

     But that was then, this is now:

     A specimen of how we've collectively evolved as a more enlightened and civilized society after three decades of Neo-Liberal and Neo-Conservative Government.

      Portland, Oregon---one of America's worst social cesspools---put down about three hours' worth of Anarchism about an hour ago. The Portland Police declared a riot around 5 PM; although the Corporate and local media are jeering that the police are 'overreacting'.

     Let's take a look at this lovely Spring afternoon in the Rose City:

3:30 March on Downtown Portland begins.

3:54 Police attacked with rocks and bottles.

4:10 Windows smashed at Federal Courthouse.

4:11 Police report being attacked with slingshots loaded with buckshot

4:18 Children reportedly attacked; bottles thrown at police, street shut down.

4:22 Flare-guns fired at police guarding Morrison Bridge.

4:32 Rioters loot restaurant; drag furniture into street and start bonfire

4:42 A news-stand set on fire.

4:56 Another fire reported: three arrests made.

     Does this sound like a riot so far? Police cleared the streets with gas-grenades and extinguished the fires. Here's a list of what known damage has occurred:

     "Other vandalism damage is now being reported, including broken windows at Brooks Brothers, Target, J.C. Crew, City Hall, Michael Pearson's Fine Art, a Police SUV, Goldmark Jewelers, and both federal buildings. Graffiti was sprayed on the Police SUV, the Wells-Fargo Building, City Hall, the Pac-West Center, the Nines Hotel, and a Biketown Kiosk, which also had bike tires slashed."

     Considering how understaffed and unsupported the Portland Police are, they actually did a respectable job of controlling the mob. It's believed that about 25-30 total arrests were made, though the official number hasn't been announced yet. It's pretty clear that the Anarchists intended something much worse and more widespread than the damage they committed.

      The problem with Portland is that it is run by the sleazier element of the political 'Swamp'. The Anarchists are simply mimicking what we've seen in politics for the last few years: the Clintons, Bushes, Podestas, Soros, Obama, etc.---running organized crime syndicates under the guise of political activism and ideology. The Swamp-Denizens running the Portland Establishment pretend that nothing whatsoever is fundamentally wrong with the city. In spite of the obvious fact that crime, drugs, violence, and poverty are out of control.

      At some point, the Trump Administration is going to have to take a close look at dealing with the Pacific Coast Problem, because the local authorities certainly will not. The FBI certainly must know who the ringleaders of these Anarchist mobs are; it's not inconceivable that they could move against them before they do any more damage. And they should.

      Let's Make May Day Great Again.

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