Thursday, May 18, 2017


       Turkish President Erdogan was in Washington DC on Wednesday for a high-level meeting with President Trump. Erdogan is certainly isn't a leader without a few issues; and the meeting between him and Trump wasn't altogether smooth by most reliable accounts. Nonetheless, a lot of Turks support their president and several went to the Turkish Embassy to show their solidarity. Things were fairly peaceful until the 'Resistance' showed up.

        And then things turned rather violent rather quickly. After engaging in shouting matches with the pro-Erdogan demonstrators, the Liberals began marching on the Turkish Embassy, shouting insults and vandalizing property. The Embassy Guards called on the DC Police to act---and as usual they did nothing.

          So the Turkish Embassy Guards gave everyone a lesson on how such protesters get treated in Turkey. When the melee was over, 12 radicals were sent to the hospital and the DC Police managed to catch two of the fleeing rioters and hauled them off to jail.

           The whole episode should give these professional protesters pause to think (as unaccustomed to thinking as they might be). For months now they've been terrorizing American streets calling Trump a dictator who has no respect for the Constitution. Well, Erdogan gave them all a sample of how a real autocrat who recognizes no law above himself behaves.

          The battered and humiliated Snowflakes have been complaining to the sympathetic Corporate Media about how violated they feel. No doubt the whole affair was quite traumatizing to them. They came face-to-face with the stark reality that all that stuff they learn about extreme activism only works in the United States. Trying these tactics on Turkish sovereign embassy soil is not a good idea. And in fairness to the Embassy Guards they actually were somewhat restrained, at least in comparison to how they handle unruly crowds in their home country.

        The Corporate Media, too, has been trying to jinn up outrage over these innocent snowflakes

       But overall it seems they got about what they deserved. Some commenters on various blogs have suggested that our police should be more like Turkey's. I don't think we want to go that far, but ours do need to do a better job of maintaining order. The important thing for Liberals to take away from this incident is that all their moaning, tantrums, and demonstrations about oppression in the United States doesn't even get allowed in a country like Turkey. And that should make them all a little more circumspect in their future actions and rhetoric.

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