Monday, May 15, 2017


    Typically whenever the Trump Administration acts to benefit the American people, the Corporate Media bombards the public with ridiculous fake-news stories as a distraction. Today was no exception. The troll factory known as The Washington Post circulated an especially transparent lie that Trump passed official secrets to visiting Russian dignitaries. Then, The New York Times shamelessly tried to blame the recent global cyberattack on North Korea---even though it's been known for days that the attack was the handiwork of rogue NSA agents.

      The story the Liberals want to hide concerns an Executive Order signed by President Trump today which opens a special commission to combat voter fraud. The political Left actually denies voter fraud exists in the US---at least since the end of the Bush Administration during which they talked of it incessantly.

      Trump named Vice-President Pence and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to head the new commission. The Commission will be bipartisan, but the Whacko Left is beside itself with outrage. Interestingly, though, a recent Gallup Poll found that only 29% of Americans had confidence in the integrity of the electoral system. What we've learned of DNC activities during the 2016 Elections, the Left likely has reason for concern.

      Voter Fraud has always been a problem in the US; at some historical periods more than others. Our Founding Fathers were well aware of the potential for it and created the Electoral College as one means of deterring it. In spite of media hysterics, Trump's commission is nothing new. President Hayes ordered an inquest into the 1876 Election wherein voter fraud was even more egregious than 2016---as incredible as that may seem.

      The new Commission will investigate illegal voter registration and voter suppression cases in particular. It is designed to co-ordinate with State governments to help them reform their own specific systems. Kobach led a voter reform effort in Kansas which has by all accounts strengthened the integrity of this system.

       It will be interesting to see what the Commission uncovers and what reforms will be promoted. But don't expect the Corporate Media to tell us, though.


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