Friday, May 19, 2017


     The Chinese Ministry of Land and Resources announced yesterday that engineers in the South China Sea had concluded successful experiments on an extraction process turning a naturally-occurring hydrate into combustible gas. This is the first successful test of a technology that scientists have been pursuing for decades.

      Minister Jiang Daming told the Chinese Media that the discovery that "may lead to a global energy revolution." He explained that the hydrate compound is typically found in deep-sea beds and permafrost tundra. Scientists have learned that the extracted gas burns 40% cleaner than coal and 20% cleaner than petroleum. The efficiency of the extracted gas is much higher as well. But even more importantly, the global supply is practically inexhaustible.

      The Chinese plan two more mining and extraction experiments. Their goal is energy independence by 2030 and this will be proposed at the upcoming Party Congress. The implications for the Chinese economy are incalculable if this goal is achieved.

      So why isn't the US working on a similar technology? We once were, but Obama scrapped the plan in 2013 over environmental concerns. What then about our supposedly superior university system? They've been spending the billions of tax dollars shoveled their way on important things like studying micro-aggressions; expanding their athletic programs; organizing anti-Trump 'resistance'. Important things like that. Thus in five years, China has unlocked the Holy Grail of energy independence while American 'scholars' have been busy staging violent political riots. 

      Oh well, China can always sell us their used bicycles when they can afford to drive cars and we can't. But we'll still be exceptional because China doesn't have safe spaces.

       Americans need to start getting their collective heads out their drug-induced stupors; put down the Budweiser, turn off the MSM, and start waking up to the fact that China---and Russia and India as well---are running the table on us in technology and infrastructure. Because if we don't get some kind of control over Academia---and yes, that means more than building championship football teams---we're going to end up another banana republic.

China's Academic Torchbearers

Ameroboob Academic Torchbearers

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