Sunday, May 14, 2017


     Pope Francis arrived in Fatima, Portugal yesterday to commemorate the Centennial Anniversary of the celebrated appearances of Our Lady of Fatima. The Pope very humbly stated that he was on a pilgrimage, like all other Catholics, and so forwent most of the typical events associated with a state visit.

      On May 13th, 1917 Mary first appeared to three shepherd children with several revelations and messages of hope and peace. The site is holy to Catholics and pilgrimages are made to Fatima regularly. The Centennial was naturally a special event.

      Before his devotions, the Pope agreed to speak to a press delegation; mostly of European reporters. They asked him a variety of questions relating to Fatima's message, the mysterious 'Third Secret', ecumenical issues, and a very interesting exchange about the alleged apparitions at Medjugorje. But then NBC reporter Claudio Lavanga piped up on the subject with which Ameroboob Liberals are obsessed:

     "Yesterday you asked the Faithful to break down barriers, yet on May 24th you meet a head of state (i.e. President Trump) who is threatening to build walls! It is a bit contradictory to your word, and he also has opinions different from yours on the need to confront global warming and the welcoming of migrants...In light of this meeting, what is your opinion of President Trump's policies and what do you really expect from a meeting with a head of state with opinions so radically different from yours?"

      What an arrogant ass. Who else but the American Liberals would presume to lecture the Pope and turn a spiritual pilgrimage into a political diatribe? The Pope calmly, but firmly stated that he was more opposed to judging a person before hearing his side of the story. That rebuke only maddened Lavanga the more and this shamefully disrespectful exchange took place, marked by Lavanga's arrogant insanity and Francis' firmness:

      Lavanga: "What do you think about his reception of immigrants?"

       Pope Francis: "But all know my position---"

     Lavanga interrupts, near white with rage: "Instead then, what do you expect from a meeting with a head of state who is contradictory to you?!?"

     The Pope, no doubt recalling the meetings between Christ and the Pharisees, cleared his throat and gave a most manly and Christ-like answer:

      "Always there are doors that are not closed. You should look for doors that are the least little-bit opened, enter, talk about common things and go on. Step by step. Peace is handcrafted. It is made every day. Also friendship among people, mutual knowledge, esteem is handcrafted. It's made every day. If you respect the other person, say what one thinks, but with respect, and walk together. That is the better way, isn't it?"

      But Trump Derangement Syndrome, as we have seen is repelled by Christian moral teaching---which ought to give us all a clue as to its true origins. Lavanga was no exception:

      "Do you really hope to soften his decisions with a meeting?" he snorted.

      "That is a political calculation I do not permit myself to make." the Pope calmly replied.

      The stunned foreign press entourage briefly recovered at Lavanga's outburst, and the moderator discreetly called on another reporter; probably saving Lavanga from being returned to Rome in a straitjacket in the process. The next reporter, a charming French woman, discussed with Francis his thoughts on a Catholic revival in France.

       And the American Media wonders why everybody hates them.

       Meanwhile, the same Corporate Media ignored Vice-President Pence's inauguration of the first International Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians. The Summit brought together Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox leaders from 130 countries.

        "On behalf of President Trump, I say that we're with you and we stand by you." Pence told the audience, "Each one of you bears witness to the power of Truth to transform lives."

          Thus wherever Faith and Truth are present, the Liberal Media is conspicuously absent.


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