Friday, June 30, 2017


     When we last heard from the folks over at Project Veritas, they had just finished exposing the Clinton Machine's corrupt tactics. That good work led to the downfall of a duo of particularly rotten Deep-State henchmen, Bob Creamer and James Foval. Their latest project is an expose of Corporate Media fake-news outlet, CNN.

      CNN was already in trouble when the results of the investigation emerged. They had to fire Kathy Griffin and Reza Aslan after their anti-Trump outbursts outraged even CNN's low standards. Then, they had to confess to lying after being threatened with a $100 million libel suit over a fake anti-Russia story. Two executives and a Pulitzer-Pride nominated 'journalist' were forced to resign.

      Indeed, what Project Veritas has revealed are even further confessions that most of CNN's anti-Russian propaganda are simply lies; not only designed to undermine the Trump Administration, but to boost CNN's stock-margins and to ingratiate themselves with their Deep-State masters. Most of these revelations have been ably analyzed on other sites. What really stood out to us was not so much the bias, lying, and corruption: Project Veritas merely confirmed what we'd already suspected in that regard. What was truly shocking was the overt cynicism and outright boasting about these crimes displayed by CNN personnel.

      "It's a business." Producer John Bonifield, of CNN Health News chortled, "People think like 'the media has this ethical position'. All this nice, cutesy little ethics that they talk about in Journalism School. That's like very nice, very adorable, but it's a business...the crux of the matter is that the Trump-Russia Story sells."

      Bonifield is the executive selecting what stories CNN broadcasts relating to issues like healthcare. And he laughs in his sleeve over the whole idea of 'ethics' in journalism. Even more contemptuous of the intelligence of the audience, Associate Producer Jimmy Carr assured interviews that while CNN executives were smart enough to see through Trump, the average American is "stupider than s--t."

      Let's be candid here and admit that since the New Deal Era, the American Media has leaned strongly to the Democratic Party. (It leaned strongly Republican from the Civil War until FDR). But what we're hearing from CNN isn't political bias. CNN and institutions like it are running an outright Confidence Racket. CNN can whitewash it any way they want to, but this is exactly what con-men do: fabricate information, pitch their narrative to people they consider chumps, and then rake in the cash.

      DNC apparatchik turned CNN 'analyst' Van Jones even laughingly referred to the Russian story as 'a big nothing-burger'; an American slang term for a swindle.

      Project Veritas promises some upcoming releases. The bottom line here though is that CNN needs to shape up or it's game over for them. Time-Warner's stockholders and directors can start by removing CEO Jeff Zucker. Zucker was previously the CEO of NBC which was also plagued by fake news scandals during his tenure. His mismanagement of NBC led to such losses that the network had to be sold, though Zucker himself walked away with a $40 million severance package. Even Liberal Feminist Maureen Dowd characterized Zucker as an archetypical Wall Street Robber-Baron with no media skills but a talent for maximizing his own profit-margins.

       The fact is that this should be a major wake-up call for the Mainstream Media. Instead of incessantly attacking Trump, they had better start draining some swamps of their own.



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