Sunday, June 25, 2017


     The American Pacific Coast is experiencing a heat wave that began around Thursday and is expected to last until Wednesday. It isn't as though the Coast hasn't gotten hot during the Summer before; but in recent years, weather anomalies are causes for mass hysteria.

     Today in the Prozac Nation, Americans feel entitled to good weather. It isn't fair that it sometimes rains during parades; it's too hot or cold outside; or it snows and freezes where it shouldn't. And as paranoia generally goes hand-in-hand with an Entitlement Mentality, (and drug abuse) someone has to be held accountable for bad weather.

     There are two main conspiracy theories for weather-victims. One theory holds that climate change is caused by industrialization. Proof of this is that the polar regions have been going through a prolonged warm spell. The other holds that the Elites are causing climate change through weather-modification technologies. Proof of this is that jet aircraft have been observed in the skies leaving condensation trails shortly before a weather event.

      (Note: the proper name for this aerial phenomenon is contrail; not chemtrail as is in popular culture. Contrail is old Air Force slang for hot jet fuel exhaust meeting cold atmosphere temperatures and condensing into a cloud. Chemtrail is a neologism coined by those who hold that these trails are chemicals being dispersed from aircraft).

       This obsession Americans have with the weather is a fairly recent phenomenon, in spite of the fact that earlier cultures were much more affected by weather changes than we are. In the past, though, instead of playing the victim card, Americans thought up inventions to cope with adverse environmental conditions. In the days before American schoolchildren were taught to despise dead white males, we were taught that Benjamin Franklin saved untold millions in lives and property by inventing the lightning-rod. We used to build dams, canals, and levees to control floods and droughts; technologies helped us control wildfires and new safety features protected us from storms and blizzards.

      But today, our infrastructure is in a state of collapse. It's a lot easier for politicians to 'fight global warming' by raising taxes and funneling the cash into bogus front-groups than it is to do useful things like improving infrastructure. Today, China, Israel, and Germany have been the leaders in infrastructure technologies. American infrastructure technology is centered on LGBTQ-friendly toilets and producing better strains of marijuana.

       All this weather-hysteria is distraction: designed to profit interest groups while diverting Ameroboob attention from demanding solutions to weather-phenomenon that actually work. The interest-groups riot in the loot and laugh up their sleeves while other countries deal with the problems. But such is our Enlightened Exceptionalism that we pay no attention to any of this, because our culture rewards victims; scientists, not so much.



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