Monday, June 5, 2017


     In Orlando this morning, another product of our dumbed-down schools and amoral military---another 'lost boy' with various criminal complaints---did as he was educated to do by our Postmodernist dystopia and settled his frustrations with violence. Five people were killed in an awning factory where the suspect formerly worked. The Left has already been agitating for 'tougher gun laws'---even though police have confirmed that the suspect illegally owned the gun, or that premeditated mass-murder is already a crime.

      As usual, the Corporate Media is giving considerable airtime to the suspect, one John Neumann, and their sensationalism will no doubt incite imitators. That's not a problem for the MSM, however. Mass-shootings make good ratings, and good ratings sell advertising.

      In Ada, Oklahoma this weekend there was another shooting that the Media has largely ignored. This shooter's name was Cash Freeman.

     Cash Freeman was at home when his neighbor's 12 year-old niece came running to him for help. Her aunt's estranged ex-husband had broken into the house and attacked the woman with knife and was going after her twin baby brother and sister. Freeman picked up his gun and headed to the scene. He saw the wounded woman and then saw Leland Foster, her dirtbag ex, holding the babies down in a bathtub full of water. Freeman put two slugs into Foster, bringing to an abrupt end the latter's extensive criminal career and saving two infants in the process.

     Pontotoc County officials ruled the shooting a justifiable homicide today.

     "He saved me and my babies' lives." Michelle Sorrells. the mother excitedly told KOCO News 5, "There won't be a day that goes by when I won't thank him for that."

      We might add as a side note, that the incident hopefully will also influence Miss Michelle to make better relationship choices in the future. Not all men are potential rapists; many are potential heroes too.

      And Cash Freeman is a hero. Like the PDX heroes, he also put his life on the line for people he presumably didn't know. Freeman came out of it alive and exonerated, but there was no guarantee that he would have. Foster was obviously a violent psychopath---very likely on drugs---who'd shown that he was perfectly capable of cold-blooded murder.

     Feminists would tell us that there are no such things as heroic men. The Red Pills tell us that heroes are actually fools. The PDX heroes and Cash Freeman show us what men are actually capable of doing. The Corporate Media though holds up Neumann and Foster types as examples of the masculine nature.

     Maybe if our culture paid a little more attention to what good men do instead of glorifying thugs, we'd see more of this kind of behavior. But our Cultural Elites have far more in common with violent criminals than with actual heroes.

Cash Freeman of Ada, Oklahoma; Hero


  1. How nice to read a story with a happy ending for a change!

    1. Thank you! Foster is one more scum who won't come back. And the two little ones have a real-life hero to look up to.