Friday, June 9, 2017


      A Florida judge today announced that it had sentenced Lucy Richards to six months in prison after conviction on four federal counts of interstate transmission of death threats. Richards, a 57 year-old longtime welfare recipient threatened Lenny Pozner, whose son Noah was murdered during the 2012 Sandy Hook Massacre.

     Prosecutors say that Richards became outraged after viewing Internet sites claiming that the Sandy Hook shooting is a hoax. We're all quite familiar with the pattern: charlatans become celebrities while the kooks they incite to criminal activities pay the price. Lenny Pozner is especially targeted because he hosts a website for families and friends of mass-killing victims.

     In 2012, a loser named Adam Lanza with probable ties to Red Pill/Alt-Right movements (the same who mostly promulgate the theory that the shooting is a hoax), stole a cache of weapons and massacred 26 people, including his mother and several schoolchildren at the Sandy Hook Elementary School. Richards is the third person since 2012 convicted of harassing or threatening Sandy Hook victims' relatives. A known confidence-man was also arrested after posing as Lanza's uncle and giving a published interview with the fake-news outlet, The New York Post.

    The conspiracy theories---which are all essentially the same---allege that actors hired by the government staged the Sandy Hook Massacre. A few variant theories allege that Israeli Intelligence carried out the attack, although nobody seems to know exactly why Israel would decide to attack Connecticut; or why the US Government would cover up such an attack.

     Nor do any of these theories know how Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, the Chinese Government, Anonymous, or any of the other whistleblowers and hackers who seem to take top secret information from US officials at will, have found nothing relating to a Sandy Hook Conspiracy. The sheer number of people who would have had to have been involved in staging a hoax like this makes the possibility of a successful cover-up completely implausible.

      Now it is true that the anti-2nd Amendment Left, led by former President Obama, did exploit the shooting to advance their agenda; and there does appear to have been a lot of fake and incompetent reporting at the time. But that is not conspiracy; that is typical Deep State behavior.

      As bad as that is, it is even worse for provocateurs and trolls to incite further attacks on innocents affected by Sandy Hook. Gene Rosen, a septuagenarian retiree who sheltered six children during the attack was harassed to the point that family and friends had to do internet sweeps on his behalf.

      The reason that we as Conservatives need to fight and expose these fakes is because they pose a serious danger to our civil liberties. If the Deep Statists didn't hesitate to exploit an abuse of the 2nd Amendment to curtail gun rights, they won't hesitate to use abuses of the 1st Amendment to curtail free speech.




  1. "The reason that we as Conservatives need to fight and expose these fakes is because they pose a serious danger to our civil liberties."

    Well said, thank you. Besides the obvious grief and human suffering caused by people who radicalize others who go on to commit atrocities, stupid behavior does become a threat to our civil liberties. You can only argue in favor of our privacy rights, on the importance of the 4th amendment, on why the Gov should NOT be spying
    on us, for so long. Eventually the Gov is going to win the moral upper hand and you lose the whole argument.

    1. You're welcome and what you say is historically true. In fact, in 2016 the Democrats openly advocated censoring the Internet and other communications media and look how many votes they received. It could certainly happen. Conservatives also need to speak out though because of the damage these people are doing to their fellowman. The Red-Pill blog 'The Daily Stormer' is being sued by the SPLC right now harassing a Jewish family and community in Montana. What a statement it would have made if Conservative legal and religious groups sued them instead.