Friday, June 2, 2017


    As Texas Ranger Jonathan Corbett said in the Western film, The Big Gundown, "It's a bad day for outlaws." And this week, the Bad Guys have been having an especially tough time. Various unsavory characters have been appearing before the Corporate Media to bewail their respective fates.

     Arch-RINO Senator John McCain was in Australia speaking at Sydney University and complaining that the Trump Administration was making victims out of everybody.


          McCain apologized to 'America's Allies' everywhere and urged them to stand in patience and solidarity with the Deep State, which is struggling too. "Our foreign friends typically identify America with the White House. But America is much bigger and better than that."

          President Trump's electoral opponent Hillary Clinton was also playing the victim at high decibels. Her alibi for losing the Election this month was that the DNC was run by incompetents. There's actually some truth to that, however, as we learned from Wiki Leaks, Hillary herself was directing the DNC's activities.

            Hillary also claimed to the victim of 'fake news' that raised questions about her health. Then she was seen out and about wearing sunglasses typically worn by epileptics and others prone to seizures.

           Speaking of the DNC, former party Chairwoman Debbie Wassermann Schultz deserves a dishonorable mention because she's presumably complaining right now about the unfairness of Fate and Life in general.

         Miss Debbie was caught yesterday using a voice-changer and a fake name when talking by phone to an attorney who's representing a group suing the DNC. However, she forgot to change the name on the Caller ID. If the denizens of the Deep State weren't legally untouchable, this would go into the 'Dumbest Crook' category.

         He may not have been the dumbest crook, but George Tschaggeny is among the lowest. One of several thousand street bums that terrorize the streets of Portland, Tschaggeny was apprehended in a bum jungle this morning.

       This sterling specimen of humanity actually robbed the corpse of Ricky Best, one of the heroes killed by another psychotic street bum who was terrorizing two women on the Portland PDX. Tschaggeny stole Best's wedding-ring and backpack as he lay in a pool of blood. Anyone who's familiar with the West Coast's homeless population, though, knows that they're automatically accorded victim-status no matter what they do.

        Another round of victim-card playing relating to the PDX murders came from Alt-Right Red Pill blogger, Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer. 

          After defending the PDX attacker and ridiculing the three heroes, Anglin threw a fit, blaming the Jew Media for reporting unfavorably what he actually said. Anglin claims that---even though he created all the controversy---that the Jews were picking on him for merely casting doubt on the official story.

           And yet another advocate of violent solutions to political problems, Hollywood denizen Kathy Griffin wailed too that she dindu nuffin'.

       Ms. Kathy posted an anti-Trump meme so offensive that even CNN and Senator Al Franken distanced themselves from it. She then played the victim card in spades, complaining that Trump and other 'white males' were imposing on her freedom of speech. Actually, it sounds like her and Anglin are a perfect match for each other.

         Last but not least, our former president Barack Obama put his considerable spin talents to work after President Trump exposed the scam he was running with the now-defunct Paris Climate Accord.

         Obama claimed that Trump is the one who's 'sabotaging the future' and 'destroying American jobs'. Of course, he's conveniently left out that these future jobs were reserved for his cronies; especially groups like the Clinton Foundation that manages projects in developing countries.

          All of these people have built their shady careers on victimhood, and we're beginning to see where it all actually leads. Empathy for victims is one thing; enabling fake-victims to get away with their dubious activities is another. Discernment is knowing the difference. But even better is to recognize and reward ability than listening to professional victims and their alibis.  




  1. Ha! Thank you for the chuckle. That's a great line up of the truly pathetic. My hope is that we soon stop perceiving victimhood as some kind of badge of honor and virtue. The only thing any of these people are victims of is their own stupidity.

    1. Thank you---sometimes there are just too many of them to do a separate post on each one...