Friday, June 9, 2017


     Fort Gordon, Georgia---home to the Army's self-proclaimed 'Cyber Center of Excellence'---is minus its commander of communications upgrades. Col. Anthony Roper was arrested this morning along with his wife and two defense contractors on charges of bribery, criminal conspiracy, perjury, and obstruction of justice.

    According to the indictment, Col. Roper plotted with an unidentified ex-Army officer who headed the CREC Group---a defense contractor---to arrange supply contracts in exchange for bribes. Col. Roper also falsified Defense Department and Small Business Association documents. The scheme ran the entire 8-year course of the Obama Administration and took the Government for around $20 million.

     These are the kinds of parasites with whom the Deep State has infested the Pentagon. President Trump has given Military commanders greater authority; but like many Conservatives, he has too great a faith in the character of the postmodern armed forces. Mattis, McMaster, Votel, Harris---and many others---are holdovers who worked for and served the corrupt Clinton, Bush, and Obama Administrations. Commanders of these types groomed officers like Roper and their track-record with vetting contractors has been disgraceful. That's to say nothing of their overall incompetence as commanders in the field.

     Fort Gordon is not only the home of Army Cyber Programs, it is a major center of Military Intelligence and their NSA coordinators. And these crooks had access to all its internal and external communications' systems.

     But nobody really needs to hack Fort Gordon too much. The base even has its own Facebook page. Last week, the base hosted the USA Masters Cycling Championship, for example. And Adventure Camp opened this week for the kids; last week was the annual Kids' Spring Fishing Derby. On June 1st, the Fort posted a friendly reminder that June is LGBTQ "Pride Month"; complete with the hashtag #DoDPRIDE.

     Yes, General Mattis, you're doing a really great job draining the swamp. All of us can rest more safely knowing that Military Intelligence and Cyber-Communication are in the hands of people like this. Well, at least they seem to be having a good time, anyway. But it's time to tell Mattis, "You're fired."

     In fact, Fort Gordon even scores 3.9 on Google Reviews. Commenters have noted the gym facilities, the wonderful shopping at the PX, and some have remarked on what a great concert venue it is (Hank Williams, Jr. is appearing next week, incidentally).

     God help us all if we ever have to fight a real military again.



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