Saturday, June 17, 2017


    There is really very little good that can be said about American Theatre these days. Like many of our cultural institutions, Theatre has gone completely into the hands of incompetents putting on cheap, gutter-level performances for effete degenerates who think profanity-laden vulgarities hurled at Conservatives and Christians are sophisticated social statements.

     Two such performances were in the news this week. One occurred in New York: a rather thinly-veiled fantasy about assassinating President Trump disguised as a Shakespeare play. The play is called Julius Caesar---which, probably purposely, has a historical connection to the Lincoln Assassination in 1865. The perverts who staged this play did so only a few days after an attempted mass-murder of Republican Party congressional leaders. But this is typical behavior for the Leftist pseudo-Elites. Just recall the vulgarity of these theatrical leeches towards Vice-President Pence during a showing of Hamilton last February.

     Julius Caesar likely would have faded into well-deserved oblivion except that a trio of Alt-Right hotheads instigated a public disruption of the play. An Canadian national named Laura Loomer rushed the stage (and ended up in jail) while Red Pills Mike Cernovich and Mike Posobiec---who instigated the disturbance---egged things on from the sidelines.

      No doubt that the play was disgusting but, again, this is what we expect of the Left. Conservatives should operate on a higher plane. Consider how useless an act like this really was. Did any Leftist Elites walk away from the performance ashamed of themselves for applauding its message? Of course not. Julius Caesar had already lost corporate sponsors and there was some debate in the New York media about whether it should run in light of recent political violence. Conservatives already had the momentum---not by sinking to the level of the Left; but by appealing to public decency.

     Another vile play that's gotten less media attention is called The Testament of Mary. As its title suggests, it's another in a long series of anti-Christian blasphemies palmed off on the public as deep social criticism. This play has surfaced before: it depicts nude scenes involving the Blessed Virgin and other trashy cheap shots at the Church. Now plays like this have been stopped successfully by some groups; in fact, readers can join in the efforts to stop this one. And it doesn't involve making a public nuisance of oneself.

      Some of these types of plays actually have been stopped through socially acceptable and legal means. It's about exercising our Constitutional right to petition; to assemble---and in these cases, assembling community leaders who address the moral sensibilities of the public. These playwrights too have a right to free speech; but they also must respect the sentiments of their audiences and their sponsors if they wish to remain in business. One thing that the Postmodern Theatre seems to have forgotten is that good performances on worthwhile topics gains better audience ratings than going for cheap controversy and publicity stunts.

        And that's a lesson that Conservatives should learn too. We don't fight the Left by behaving more outrageously than they do. We defeat them by showing that our way is better; and that the traditions and laws which we uphold really do work.

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