Monday, June 26, 2017


    The US Corporate Media has become one enormous Troll Factory. They will go out of their ways to spread lies and distractions to the point that they are better ignored than taken seriously about anything.

     This weekend, between their adulations over Homo Pride displays, the Corporate Media indignantly attacked President Trump for not celebrating a Ramadan feast at the White House. It was quite a commentary on the state of our society: a bunch of angry non-Moslems complaining that a non-Moslem president didn't celebrate a Moslem holiday; but this is what passes for an important national issue in the Prozac Nation.

      The fake-news outlets, however, spun the story two different ways. According to one lie, Trump broke a 200 year-old tradition; the more discreet Media liars simply called it "a decades-old tradition." Now for the facts.

      Lie #1 is based on an obscure incident that happened in 1805. President Thomas Jefferson had a Ramadan meal prepared at the White House so as not to offend a visiting Arab prince. Jefferson and the Prince were negotiating an important Anti-Piracy Treaty that had led to actual armed conflict between the US and some North African principalities. This was a one-time event and hardly a 'tradition'. Common sense alone tells us that some of our more devout Christian presidents never celebrated Ramadan.

      Lie #2 is more like a strong prevarication---one thing that the Media is especially good at doing. Trump technically did "break a decades-long tradition". Two decades, to be exact. The jolly duo of Bill and Hilary Clinton, with Al Gore in tow, started up this inclusive initiative shortly after the 1996 Election. The RINOs in the Bush Administration kept it going as a cynical public-relations ploy to dispel rumors that they hated Moslems. Obama, naturally, was eager to keep the 'tradition' alive.

      So much for another Media myth. Actually what Trump did was restore a tradition of not celebrating Islamic holidays in the White House. Isn't it interesting that the same Media who howls about public Christian displays are offended by the lack of Moslem ones? But this is what one would expect from people whose spiritual guides do things like portraying Christ as a homosexual  and practicing cannibalism. If "by the fruits ye shall know them", I think that we're all safer following President Trump.


  1. Yes. Another home run for POTUS. America's religious roots are Judeo-Christian, not Islamic, Buddhist, Shinto, Wiccan, or Hindu. Muslims are welcome to practise their religion and participate fully in civic life, but no one - including the Leftist Christian-hating mainstream media and political establishment - is allowed to rewrite America's history, or demand that her government do so.

  2. Thank you and that is true. I'm glad to see that Trump and Pence aren't kowtowing to pressure from religious interest groups and emphasizing our common heritage more. Pence recently hosted a forum on Christian persecution and that wasn't even mentioned by the MSM except for a few sneering tweets.